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What is the best stroller accessory? Hard to believe, but many new strollers sold today lack cup holders. Or a parent console to hold keys or a phone. To the rescue come third-party stroller accessories, which fill in the gaps left by major stroller makers. We hand-tested all sorts of stroller add-ons to judge which ones were the best of the best. Click through to read the results!

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Best Stroller Organizer

Best designed, can hold cups, phones and more.
Fits most strollers, this universal parent organizer holds a bottle, drink, phone as well as several pockets for diapers, wipes and more. The best of 7 different organizers we tested.

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Best Stroller Accessory: Parent Console/Organizer 2023

The Best Stroller Parent Console/Organizer 2023. Yes, that fancy new stroller you bought lacks one important detail: a cup holder. We found this universal parent console and organizer to be the best solution: Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer.

One challenge for universal organizers: the universal part. Stroller handles come in many designs and widths, so finding the right stroller organizer took us a bit of time and testing. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons:

What we liked

• Universal fit. The Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer had the best universal fit we could find, working on both single and double handles, as well as large and small strollers. Here’s how it fit on the popular Baby Jogger City Mini: 

What if your stroller two handles? Here’s the fit on the Chicco Liteway:

• Storage room. How much can you storage in this thing? Yes, here is the Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer with two HUGE 11″ tall and 3″ wide cups, plus a giant Galaxy phone:

The center pocket can also be used to carry a third bottle if you wish:

Drop down storage bag. There is also a mesh bag for even more storage that can drop down from the main console. To keep it from swinging when the stroller moves, there are two more straps to secure it.

Works on double strollers. Here is the organizer on the huge Mountain Buggy Duet double stroller:

Flaws we could live with

No stroller console is perfect—here are some drawbacks to the Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer we found in our testing:

• It doesn’t work with ultra-compact strollers. Micro strollers like the GB Pocket that weigh under 10 lbs. don’t work well with this organizer. That’s because a loaded stroller organizer could tip over a feather-weight stroller like that. Good news: very few strollers on the market are that light.

• Some strollers with funky handles can cause issues. We’ve seen online reports that this stroller organizer doesn’t fit well on the UPPAbaby Vista and some Bugaboo models like the Cameleon. The funky handle on the Stokke Xplory is also a no go:

• Be careful with drinks. Test cups/drinks in this organizer without baby on board—in some configurations, we see reports of drinks spilling or dropping. These were not common, thankfully. Safety first: make sure ANY hot beverage is in a container with a lid that closes just to be safe. That way if your coffee tumbler takes a tumble, no liquid comes out.

The Bottom Line

Despite these flaws, we thought the Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer is the best stroller parent console/organizer for most folks.

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Best Stroller Cover

Wraps around stroller to provide full coverage
Got a stroller with skimpy canopy? In our tests, this stroller cover provides both sun, wind and privacy.

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Best Stroller Cover: KeaBabies All-In-One Nursing Cover

This product is pitched for multiple uses, but for this article, we are picking it as the best stroller cover. Why does one need this? Well, here’s a problem with most strollers: the canopy that blocks the sun or wind is too skimpy.

What we liked

We liked the KeaBabies stroller cover  (also known as the KeaBabies All-in-One Nursing Cover) as a solution to too much wind or sun: the soft, breathable fabric is impressive. It’s stretchy enough to wrap around your stroller seat and yet provides plenty of airflow.

Of course, you can use this for more than covering a stroller—it is also pitched as a nursing cover-up, shopping cart cover, etc. (For the record, we do NOT recommend this as a car seat cover—that’s because you shouldn’t use any accessory on a car seat that is not approved by the car seat maker. It is a safety issue).

Another key feature here: privacy. It is amazing the number of strangers that want to look at your new baby—kind of creepy after a while. A stroller cover like the KeaBabies keeps nosy folks away from baby who is trying to sleep!

Best Stroller Fan

Impressive battery-powered fan lasts for hours.
We tested five different stroller fans before crowning this one the best of the best.

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Best Stroller Fan: SkyGenius Rechargeable Baby Stroller Fan

Summer outings to the zoo or a theme park are more reasonable with this stroller accessory: the stroller fan. We tested five different fans before crowning this winner: SkyGenius Rechargeable Baby Stroller Fan.

Here’s what we looked for: long battery life, ease of use and quick charging. With a 4400 mA battery, this fan kept going strong for 3 hours and 53 minutes on full blast in our tests—more than enough for most outings. Yes, the manufacturer claims six hours plus, depending on the fan speed—but we still think four hours is decent.

The clip was stronger than competitors clips, which is important because strollers take all kinds of bumps and dips. And yes, you use an USB cord (standard USB micro cable) to recharge it, which is handy—we charged ours in a vehicle as well as a hotel room.

What’s not to like

A few online reports from parents we read indicate some fans were dead on arrival—they wouldn’t charge, etc. Be sure to charge and run the fan BEFORE you take a trip.

We also see a small number of reports of the fan unable to charge after a few months of use. And be careful not to drop it—this thing is fragile and won’t work if dropped on concrete.

As for safety, it would be best to put this stroller fan out of reach of small fingers for newborns; older kids need to be watched. This is true for all stroller fans, of course.

Important to note: this product comes with two chargeable batteries in the base with a snap-in cover. These are a choking hazard—make sure the cover is securely in place before using.

Bottom line

We recommend SkyGenius Rechargeable Baby Stroller Fan as the best stroller fan for its large battery capacity and overall ease of use.

Here’s a shot from a parent using the SkyGenius stroller fan—we like this positioning because it keeps baby’s fingers away from the fan:

Why Trust Us

We’ve been rating and reviewing strollers and stroller accessories for 25 years! We are the authors of the best-selling guide to baby gear, Baby Bargains.

Here’s another key point: we don’t take money from the brands we review. No free samples, no sponsors, no “partnerships.” Baby Bargains is your independent and unbiased source for expert baby gear reviews. We’ve been writing and reviewing baby gear since 1994. Yes, that long!

How we picked a winner

We evaluate stroller accessories for overall quality, safety and ease of use—for example, checking for fit on various size strollers We also gather significant reader feedback (our book, Baby Bargains has over 1 million copies in print), tracking boosters on quality and durability. Besides interviewing parents, we also regularly talk with retailers and consumer experts to see which brands are most trustworthy and other key quality metrics.


We pick the Ethan & Emma Baby Stroller Organizer with Cup Holders as the best stroller organizer/console. With many strollers sold today, you are on your own when it comes to cup holders and parent consoles—this one solves that problem at an affordable price.

The KeaBabies All-in-1 Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Up is the best stroller cover we could find—it provides additional shade, wind protection and privacy.

As for stroller fans, the best of the bunch is the SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Fan: we liked the long battery life and strong clip.

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