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What's the best solar fountain? A great solution for aerating for bird baths or garden ponds, solar fountains are easy to use and maintain. We tried out several fountains in a bird bath to find the best bets. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Solar Fountains: Tips & Advice

Let’s talk solar fountains!

If you have a bird bath or small pond in your garden, a fountain is a great way of keeping the water fresh—and provides a pleasing aesthetic as well!

We surveyed the birding and gardening enthusiasts among our parent readers to find their favorite solar water fountains. Then we tried out a few ourselves, seeing how well they’d work in a bird bath.

After all this research, we have a few hints and tips:

• Battery or no battery? Some solar fountains come with a battery backup—that’s so they can continue to work at night or on cloudy days. 

• Anti-collision tubes or suction cups help keep the fountain centered. Most solar water fountains free float around a bird bath or pond. That can be a problem, if they come close to an edge and start spraying water outside the pond. The solution: “anti-collision” tubes that keep the fountain centered and away from the sides. Other fountains have suction cups to adhere the fountain to the bottom of the bird bath.

• Some fountains are louder than others. That matters to birders who don’t want to scare away shy birds!

Here are the solar fountains we’d recommend:

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Best For Bird Baths

4 different nozzles change water height
Loved this easy to use fountain that is a favorite among our birding enthusiasts. Easy to assemble and low maintenance. Caveats: can be a bit noisy; needs direct sunlight to work.

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Best Light Display

4 tubes keep it centered in pond
Yes, this fountain has a battery backup so it can work at night. Great colors via 6 LED lights—we got 4 hours of use at night, perfect for parties. Love it!

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Best For Small Fountains

Matchbox-sized pump
If you have a small (under 20 gallon) fountain or bird bath, this unit is easy to install and works well. Caveat: separate solar panel has 9.5 foot cord that attaches to fountain—some folks aren't wild about that.

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Best Taller Jet

Birds love it!
For something more dramatic, we like this fountain that can spray up to 27" in height—and it worked well in our tests. Also nice: will turn off if water is too low.

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