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What is the best snow gauge? We tested out several brands of snow gauges to find the best bets. Which are easiest to read? Most effective at measuring snow? What about combo snow and rain gauges? Here are the ones we would recommend.

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Finding the Best Snow Gauge: Our Tests & Tips

Let’s talk snow gauges.

When you live in a snowy climate, knowing exactly how much snow has fallen is certainly helpful. That’s because there is a big difference between a 3″ snowfall—and one that is 13″! 

Here at the mothership in Boulder, CO, we know snow. Our city routinely gets 80″ to 100″ of snow per year, so it is the ideal place to test snow gauges.

When we started to research this topic, we realized that snow gauges come in two basic types:

• Metal gauges that have cut-outs indicating the snow depth.

• Solid gauges that note the snow depth against a solid panel made of metal or plastic. These often have a cute design with a snowman or other character—or sometimes they are just plain (like the picture below):

Best Snow Gauge example solid design

For this article, we tested both types. As you can see from the above picture, the solid gauges have one major problem—snow can pile up against the gauge (due to wind, etc.) and that makes it hard to read the exact snow depth.

Metal gauges with cut-outs avoid this problem, since there is a space for the wind to pass through . . . and less of an area for snow to get caught up against the measurement markings.

That said, we know folks like the both types of snow gauges, so this article will recommend an example of each. 

After testing these gauges with actual snow, here are the best bets:

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Best Easy to Read

Easy to read
Visibility is the key feature here—the black inch markers are easy to read against a white background. Also nice: self-leveling foot step is helpful.

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Best Combo Snow & Rain Gauge

All-weather solution
For those of you who often get rain mixed with snow, this combination gauge is a good solution. Easy to read from a distance.

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Best Cute Snow Gauge

Easy to assemble
Not sure what we like more here—the super adorable snowman or the solar-powered LED lights that make it easy to see at night.

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Best Deep Snow Gauge

Made in the USA
Most snow gauges top out at 20 or 24 inches. But what if you need to measure three FEET of snow? This is our pick—super easy to read.

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Best Snow Gauge

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