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What's the best scary decor? If you are decorating for a party and need a spooky ghost or scary doll, we've got you covered. Here are the scary decor accents we'd recommend.

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Best Scary Ghost

Super creepy . . . and tall!
We liked the bang for the buck with this ghost, which can be draped over doorways, staircases and outdoors. Bonus idea: add solar-powered fairy lights to the skull for an even more creepy effect.

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Best Scary Ghost: 13.94 ft. Halloween Ghost Hanging Decorations

Yes, we looked through lots of scary ghosts before deciding this one has the best bang for the buck—we liked the huge 14′ tall fabric with skull mask that is hung by fishing line from two corners. 

Why such a tall ghost? Well, we’ve learned from years of setting up spooky decor that setting up ghosts that float over kiddos (and out of reach) are the best effect. 

Bonus idea: up light the fabric with some colored LED lights to add to the effect.

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Best Scary Doll

Distressed to look old and dirty
Yes, this doll looks creepy all by itself. But when you add in the sound-activated voice (Come play with me) and music . . . well, that's just over the top scary!

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Best Scary Doll: Morris Costumes Haunted Doll with Sound

Yes, this one even gives the adults the willies!

Super scary, this ceramic-looking 15″ tall doll is sound activated—with such sounds as “I’m watching you.” And yes, creepy music plays along at the same time.

Bonus idea: put a glow-in-the-dark bracelet in the doll’s head (which is hollow) so the eyes glow . . . to make it even more scary!

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Best Scary Spider

Glowing red eyes!
This spider is perfect to set up on a lawn or car trunk—complete with fur-covered legs that are adjustable. Yes, it is over 6 feet when spread out . . . very good bang for the buck!

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Best Scary Spider: JOYIN 6.5 ft LED Eyes Harry Black Giant Spider

If you’re decorating your car for trunk or treat, this is our favorite decor item: a 6 foot hairy spider with  blinking red LED eyes. Yes, it is as spooky as it sounds! 

The eyes work on button batteries, which last for quite a while. We found the spider to be easy to set up, although it can be a bit floppy—that is, the legs don’t hold up the body. You may have to jerry-rig some fishing line to hold it up. 

Bonus: this spider is easy on the wallet. 

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Best Scary Sticker Decor

So realistic we scared ourselves
12 sheets with 138 stickers, this set is definitely spooky—great for windows, walls or outside. Made of PVC vinyl, the stickers are also weather-resistant and stick to just about anything!

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Best Scary Sticker Decor: 138 Pieces Halloween Bloody Footprint Stickers

Stickers are a cost-effective way to do spooky decor on a budget. And this 138 piece set doesn’t disappoint—footprints, handprints, splatters and more. 

We like using these on doors, but you can also add them to a wall inside or outside (they are made of PVC vinyl, so they are weather-resistant). We liked the life-size dimensions of the handprints. 

Best Scary Decor

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Best Scary Decor

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