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No, it isn't the most glamorous part of RV life, but a good RV sewer hose is one of those mission critical parts of your RV vacation. We asked the RV enthusiasts among our parent readers for their favorites. Then we interviewed three RV experts who've spent years in the business for their advice. We ended up with 7 RV sewer hoses (known affectionately as stinky slinkees) that were top recommended and did five more hours research, comparing quality and features. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best RV Sewer Hose: Advice & Tips

Hooking up your RV to a septic tank at a campground or RV park sounds simple enough. Yet after we interviewed RV enthusiasts among our parent readers for this article, we realized this can be trickier than it seems.

Many RV sewer hoses come with multiple connector types—this should, in theory, allow you to connect the hose to the wide variety of tank inlets out there. Many hoses tout four-in-one or five-in-one adapter designs. Yet, frustratingly, these adapters in the real world don’t always connect to sewer hoses.

Good news: the RV sewer hoses in this article have the most compatibility, according to our research.

Here’s more things to consider when buying a RV sewer hose:

• Steel-wire reinforced hoses are most handy. Why? The steel wire reinforced hose is easier to coil back up store—that’s important, since most RV’s only have a small area for hose storage. Hoses without steel wire can be a challenge to coil.

• Storage caps are your friend. When not in use, having secure storage caps for the hose are a must. Without a cap, leftover solids stuck inside the hose may escape during storage.

• For RV’s with dual storage tanks, consider a hose with Y-fitting connector. Good news: you can empty two tanks at once with this type of connector(for those with a larger RV with dual tanks). Later in this article, we’ll recommend a hose with just such a design.

After several hours of research—including interviewing three RV experts with a combined 32 years of experience in the industry—here are the RV sewer hoses we think are best.

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Best Steel-Reinforced Hose

Easy to use
A reader favorite, this hose has excellent fittings and provides a tight seal. Easy to hook up, it also includes two storage caps and two locking rings. Caveat: actual unfurled distance is about 13 feet.
$36.97 ($2.46 / Foot)

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Best For Dual Tanks

Best-in-class quality
Yes, this hose lets you connect two sewer hoses to the same dump station—great for larger RV's. Also nice: includes extra caps for storage. Sturdy and fits well.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Made in the USA
We liked this durable hose with a five-in-one adapter—good quality at at price that doesn't break the bank. Ergonomic fitting. Caveat: doesn't re-compress as easily as others for storage.

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Best Adaptability

23 mil thick tubing
This sewer hose came recommended by our readers for its flexibility—yes, it can fit up to six different sewer types. Also nice: clear connection confirms flow.

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