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What's the best rose bear? If your special someone is allergic to the real thing, rose bears are a lovely substitute. Made from plastic foam "blooms," rose bears are a nice gift for mom (or a grandmother). Great to display year round or as part of a seasonal decor scene. Bonus: rose bears are affordable, especially when compared to the real thing.

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The Best Rose Bear

Who doesn’t like roses? 

But real roses soon are gone . . . what if a rose gift could last forever?

Rose bears are the answer: made of foam/plastic rose petals, these teddy bears will last forever . . . perfect to display in your special someone’s home. 


Here are the rose bears we’d recommend: best rose bear

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Best Burgundy Rose Bear

Dark red roses = classy!
Loved this rose bear—just the right size (10") it's perfect for a desk or shelf. Super cute . . . liked the ribbon that says "just for you." Includes gift box, which is a nice touch.
$29.98 ($29.98 / Count)

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Best Bright Red Rose Bear

Includes gift box
100% handmade, this rose bear is ensconced in a clear gift box—vivid red roses catch the eye. Great gift for mom or birthday.

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Best Large Rose Bear

Best overall quality
Yes, this rose bear is 16"—much bigger than other rose bears that top out at 10". More size = more blooms. Yes, it is pricey, but includes a gift box and black bow gift ribbon.

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best rose bear

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