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What are the best rainbow sprinkles? To find the best bets, we baked up some cupcakes and then did blind taste tests. Which sprinkles tasted the best? Looked the best? Here are the ones we recommend!

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Our Quest For the Best Rainbow Sprinkles!

Let’s take a second to extol the wonders of rainbow sprinkles!

We call these sprinkles the superheroes of baking—they can take an ordinary cupcake or donut and turn it into an instant celebration! We dare you to look at a picture like this and not say YUM!

The Best Rainbow Sprinkles

Before unveiling the winners of our rainbow sprinkle blind taste tests, let’s note the different kinds of rainbow sprinkles:

• Jimmies! These cylindrical or oblong sprinkles are probably what folks think of when they hear the word sprinkles.

Nonpareils. These rainbow sprinkles are tiny balls made of sugar and are popular on cookies. Yes, that is a French name meaning “having no equal”—as in these sprinkles are super special! FYI: the pronunciation is nahn-puh-REL.

• Charm mix. This newer member of the rainbow sprinkles family adds stars and balls to a mix of traditional oblong sprinkles.

Ok, now that you have the Sprinkle 101, here are the winners of our sprinkle taste tests:

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Best Rainbow Sprinkles

Great taste and look
Our testers thought these sprinkles combined the best looks and taste—very yummy! Perfect for cookies and cakes.
$7.99 ($0.57 / Ounce)

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Best Rainbow Nonpareils

Soft and so tasty!
We loved these little round rainbow sprinkles from a tried and true brand—great taste. Excellent for cookies or ice cream.
$7.52 ($1.00 / Ounce)

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Best Rainbow Sprinkle Mix

Best for cupcakes
This dark horse won over our tasters with its sweet textures and larger shapes—surefire social media gold. Caveat: the metallic balls interspersed throughout aren't edible, however.
$8.99 ($1.12 / Ounce)

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Best Bulk Rainbow Sprinkles

Crunchy texture!
If you need to bake a lot of cupcakes, we'd recommend this bulk 2 lb. pouch—wonderful on ice cream too! Great bang for the buck.
$11.99 ($0.34 / Ounce)

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