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What are the best potty training toilets? We gathered a gaggle of potty-training toddlers and tried out some of the most popular models on the market today. Which were easiest to use? To clean? Which ones did the toddlers like best? Here are the winners!

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Best Toilet Overall

Easiest to clean, store
Realistic, toddler-sized potty was a winner in our tests—built-in wipes compartment and a handle with flush sounds! Affordable. Caveat: requires extra cleaning (as do all stand-alone potties).

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Best Toilet Overall: Summer My Size Potty

There are quite a few stand-alone potties out there—after talking with parents and testing out the options with toddlers, we think Summer’s My Size potty is the best bet. It was the easiest to use . . . at a price that didn’t break the bank.

What We Liked

 Realistic looking. Basically, this is a scaled-down, toddler size toilet.

• Built in wipes compartment.

• Affordable.

• Flush sound when you push down on the handle.

• Clip on splash guard for boys. And a flip up lid for more practice!

• Removable bowl for clean up.

What Needs Work

• Hard to clean. Here’s the not-so-pretty truth for stand-alone potties—there is more cleaning.  Some parents use a trash bag to line the bowl for easier disposal.

• Slides on the floor. We wish this potty had better no-skid grips on the bottom.

• Splash guard falls off too easily. Summer should find a way to get this to stay put.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Seat converts for use on adult toilet
We liked this affordable, super cute potty that is easy to clean and sturdy. The only caveat: it sits rather low to the ground, so probably not the best for older/taller kiddos.

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Best Budget-Friendly: The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System

Yes, it is super cute—a race car with a high back to lean against. But it is also actually a decent potty. Example: the splash guard is among the highest we found in our tests. That’s important because little boys when potty training are often, well, challenged when it comes to aim. The higher the splash guard, the better! Here’s more:

What We Liked


• Flexible use. This system is both a potty training toilet (that sits on the floor) and potty seat (that can be used on an adult potty). That’s nice flexibility, as most potties are one or the other!

• Sturdy design

• Easy to clean.

• Removable seat can fit on adult toilet. That’s makes it easier to transition to an adult toilet some day.

What Needs Work

• No lid. 

• Low to the ground. We can see how this potty (when used on the floor) may not work well for bigger/taller kids.

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Best Realistic Potty

Toddler favorite, easy to clean
Yes, this one looks like an adult toilet—and that's the point. Toddlers love mimicking adults. This potty is easy to clean and even makes a flushing sound.

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Best Realistic Potty: Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet

There are two theories when it comes to toilet training—one, the potty should be super cute so toddlers buy into the process. Or the potty should closely mimic an adult toilet  . . . after all, that’s the eventual goal!

There’s no right or wrong answer to which theory is best. If you want to go the realistic potty route, we think Nuby’s My Real Potty is a top choice. Our toddler testers just loved it.

What We Liked

• Flushing sound that sounds like the real thing (battery powered).

• Holds full-size wet wipes. 

• No slip rubber tread makes it stay put.

• Easy to clean.

What’s Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Splash guard could be higher. 

• Pot to empty could be easier to remove. 

• Wipes dispenser doesn’t work well against a wall. We liked the wipes holder—but they come out the back of the potty. It would be better if it were the top. Why? You can’t push this potty against a wall and still access the wipes.

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Best Minimalist

Nothing to assemble!
Simple, affordable potty is easy to clean. We liked the anti-slip bottom and one-piece design with handle. Caveat: it's rather small in size.

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Best Minimalist: IKEA Lilla Children’s Green Potty

Sometimes, simple wins the day. Case in point: IKEA’s Lilla Children’s Potty. This anti-slip plastic potty has no fancy flush sounds or wipes dispenser. It’s just a simple potty to help a child learn the basics.

What We Liked

• Easy to empty. No separate bowl to clean.

• One-piece design with handle.

• Portable, lightweight.

• Anti-slip bottom keeps potty in place.

What’s Needs Work

• Small size. This potty works better for smaller toddlers.

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