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What's the best pottery wheel for adults? To find out, we asked our parent pottery enthusiasts for their suggestions. What's best for beginners? Full-size wheels? Mini wheels? We took their 11 suggestions and did several hours of researching, narrowing down the best bets for overall quality and ease of use. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Easy to use, stable
We liked this wheel's included tools and overall design—very quiet and easy to set up. Fantastic for throwing smaller projects.
$149.99 ($149.99 / Count)

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Best Budget-Friendly: SKYTOU Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine

Yes, pottery wheels can get rather pricey, but our readers suggested this one as a good quality, budget-friendly solution: SKYTOU’s Pottery Wheel.

One big reason: this model is QUIET. That’s a major drawback to other entry-level wheels . . . they can be very noisy. 

Pottery teachers we interviewed for this article also liked how easy this wheel is to clean, plus the legs are adjustable. Here’s why we recommend this table:

What We Liked

• Quiet.

• Affordable.

• Stable.

• Foot pedal and handle to control rotation.

• 12.6″ height is good for those starting out.

• Includes 8 tools and sponge.

• Rotation direction can be switched.

• Great for beginners—a good starter wheel.

• Smooth motion.

• Adjustable legs.

What Needs Work

• Splash shield could be bigger.

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Best For Beginners

Fun! Spins well
Great to learn basic pottery techniques, this wheel is A/C powered. Yes, it's all plastic and loud . . . but a good place for folks to start without breaking the bank.

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Best For Beginners: Pottery Wheel for Beginners

If you or your child are curious about pottery, here’s a good kit to get started. Yes, it’s called the Pottery Wheel for Beginners—and it lives up to that billing, said our readers. For ages 7 and up, this kit is fun and includes all the supplies you need (two pounds of clay, paints and more). And unlike other kid-centered pottery wheels, this one works on A/C power (instead of batteries). As a result, it is more effective and powerful than other starter kits.

What We Liked

• Great for kids or teens just starting out.

• Includes clay and paints, plus plastic tools and paintbrush.

• Fun!

• A/C powered (no batteries).

• Spins well. 


What Needs Work

• All plastic construction. Once you get going with more pottery projects, you’ll probably want to step up to a metal turntable.

• Noisy.

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Best Mini Pottery Wheel

Weighs less than 2 pounds
At just 9 centimeters tall, this mini pottery wheel is great for travel. Loved how easy it is to clean. Caveat: no foot pedal, but rotary dial works well.

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Best Mini Pottery Wheel: Toolly Mini Electric Pottery Wheel

Mini pottery wheels (6.5 centimeters) are great for small projects and travel—they are certainly designed to be more portable than their full-size (25 centimeter) cousins. We asked our readers and two pottery teachers we interviewed for this article for their favorite mini pottery wheels and this model by Toolly came up again and again. We liked the overall quality and design here:

What We Liked

• Rotary switch controls speed.

• Easy to clean.

• Turntable is made of aluminum.

• Includes several pottery tools.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• No foot pedal.

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Best LCD control

Great for beginners
The digital display and foot pedal are the star features here. Loved the easy set up. And, yes, it is easy to clean. Ten sculpting tools are included as well.

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Best LCD control: SEEAN Electric Pottery Wheel Machine

Loved the waterproof LCD controls for this pottery wheel—with one glance, you can check the speed. Yes, this one is pricey, but our parent readers told us they liked the overall ease of use and quality of this wheel.

What We Liked

• Great for beginners.

• Easy to clean.

• Easy to set up.

• Aluminum turntable.

• Can switch rotation.

• Includes 10 sculpting tools.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Splash tray could be easier to put on and take off.

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