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What's the best portable high chair? We tested 9 different portable high chair options, from travel booster seats to hook-on chairs. Which were the easiest to use? To clean? To fold away? These portable high chairs are designed for restaurants, road trips or just picnics. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

FYI: These picks are best for occasional use, not as full-time high chair replacements. We are Baby Bargains, the #1 online resource for honest and independent baby gear reviews since 1994! We are 100% reader supported: we don't take money or freebies from the brand we review. Thanks in advance for reading this article!

Best For Travel

Easy to use, clean and carry
We loved this chair for its ease of use and simplicity—lightweight for travel but still full featured with adjustable tray. Caveat: doesn't boost much, so shorter kiddos might not reach table.

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Best For Travel: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

We tested some of the latest portable high chairs on the market and realized the best bets are the ones that keep it simple: simple to set up, fold up and carry. We also looked for how easy it was to clean, plus safety and stability.

There are several options for portable travel high chairs—plastic booster seats for indoors, nylon booster seats for outdoors, and hook-on chairs for restaurants.

Let’s start with boosters designed for indoor use, perfect for grandma’s house or other road trips. In this category, we though the Fisher-Price Healthy Care booster was the best bet.

Fisher Price has a winner here: we liked the snap-off feeding tray that can go into the dishwasher, easy fold and shoulder strap for road trips plus three different height settings. When your child gets older, the tray removes so the seat becomes a basic booster.

The only caveat: the back does not recline, so your baby must be able to sit up on his own to use it safely. (No biggie for most older babies, but we know some folks consider these boosters as high-chair replacements—not a good idea unless your child can sit upright).

Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Dishwasher safe tray.

• Seat back removes for extra use. For toddlers who just need a booster, the seat back removes—so this portable high chair has a second use. The chair is rated for use up to 50 lbs.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• No pad. This is both a pro and con—on one hand, the hard plastic can be uncomfortable after a long while. On the other hand, pads can be a pain to clean.

• No seat recline. Your baby must be able to sit up unassisted to use this chair.

• Only adds a small boost. And when we say small, we mean small: about 3″ or so. If you have a short or younger child, this portable high chair may not provide enough of a boost to reach a kitchen table.

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Best for Outdoors

Mini camping chair wins with easy fold
"Life saver" is how our testers viewed this little gem, which is perfect to throw in the car for picnics and other outdoor adventures. Critics say it is hard to clean the nylon fabric, however.

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Best for Outdoors: Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

The best portable high chair for outdoor adventure should have water resistant nylon fabric and feature a quick set up and fold. We think Summer’s Pop and Sit portable booster is the best travel high chair for picnics, camping or other outdoor adventures. Here’s why:

What We Liked

 Easy to fold. We could quickly set up and fold this chair.

• Affordable and lightweight. Plus it has a travel bag.

• Dishwasher safe tray.

• Feet design provides stability. Tip overs is a major source of high chair injuries; we thought this portable high chair is well designed to be stable in our testing.

What Needs Work

• Harness attached to seat bite. Oddly, the harness for this seat is attached where the back of the seat meets the bottom—which makes it somewhat awkward to strap a child in.

• Buckle can be hard to unlock. We know this is a safety feature, but it shouldn’t be too hard!

• Nylon fabric can be hard to clean.

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Best Hook-On Style

Home run for restaurants, safe & secure
We loved how this chair brings baby up to the table, with quick setup and fold down. Nice travel bag. Caveat: won't work with all tables, expensive and can be pain to clean.

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Best Hook-On Style: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

When it comes to traveling with a baby, meal time can be a challenge—does the Airbnb have a high chair? What if the high chair at the restaurant is unbelievably grimy? The answer: the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, a good solution for babies that are over six months of age or can sit up unassisted—this hook-on chair clips to most types of restaurant tables. Our testers loved how easy it is to use. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Quick install. A twist-tight knob makes installation quick, according to our parent testers. When time to leave, it quickly collapses and packs away in an included carry bag.

• Light weight. At just 4 lbs., the Fast Table chair is easy to pack in a bag or stroller basket.

• Storage pocket at back.

What’s Needs Work

• Tray is an extra accessory. That’s a bummer, as this thing is already expensive as is!

• Gap between chair and table. Yes, there is a small gap between the chair and a table—and, of course, this is where baby’s food will end up. Unfortunately, this is a problem with most hook-on chairs.

• 3 point harness. We prefer five-point harnesses—these are harder for a squirmy baby to escape from. Extra care must be taken to make sure older babies don’t try to Houdini themselves out of this chair’s harness.

• Must disassemble to wash cover. The Fast Table Chair’s cover can be machine washed on gentle—but you must dissemble the chair to do this. It would be nice if this portable high chair solution was easier to clean.

• Doesn’t work with all tables. 


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