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What's the best polygel nail kit with LED lamp? If you want to try DIY manicures, a nail kit with LED lamp is a good place to start. These kits include nail forms and polygel to create extensions for your existing nails. We tried out a handful of these kits to see what worked best. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Complete Polygel Nail Kit

Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!
Our readers adore this kit and we see why—it is probably the most complete solution on the market, with generous tubes of polygel. Plus a raft of accessories. Easy to use.

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Best Complete Polygel Nail Kit: SXC Polygel Nail Kit with LED Lamp

What’s the best polygel nail kit?

We asked our mom readers for their favorites—and then we did additional research, comparing kits based on quality and completeness.

First, let’s talk about what polygel nails are. In case you are new to this type of nail treatment, here are some basics.

Polygel nails are created by pouring gel into a form and then adhering that form to your nail. The result creates an extenion to your existing nail.

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

Best Polygel Nail Kit with LED Lamp HOW IT WORKS

The kits reviewed for this article are helpful for beginners—they include not only the polygel and nail forms, but also a LED lamp (for drying) and various nail care tools to prep your nails.

One big advantage to these kits: they are much less expensive than a trip to the nail salon! And polygel nail extensions last for a long time (up to a month).

The downside? They can be difficult to remove.

When we asked our mom readers for their favorites, one brand we heard recommended time and again was SXC—their polygel nail kit has many fans and we see why. It is the most complete kit (with the most polygel) of the ones we tried. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• LARGE tubes of polygel. These tubes have roughly two times the amount of gel compared to others we researched.

• Good quality 24 watt LED lamp for drying.

• Nail care tools.

• Glitter!

What Needs Work

• Polygel has a learning curve. The maker suggests warming the bottles for 5-10 minutes in warm water before using. That makes the gel easier to work with! Best Polygel Nail Kit with LED Lamp

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Best Easy to Use

Nice gel colors
If you want to try DIY polygel nails, this kit would be an excellent place to start—we liked the overall quality and included tools.

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Best Easy to Use: Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

If you’ve tried poly gel extensions in a salon and want to try it at home, this would be our choice—an excellent kit with everything you need to get started, including an UV light for curing.

What We Liked

• Gel is easy to apply.

• LED lamp is easy to use.

• 6 polygel colors.

• Nail file, brush/spatula tool.

What Needs Work

• Small tubes of polygel (just 15 grams).

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Best Budget-Friendly Nail Kit

Great for beginners
Looking for a gift for the nail enthusiast in your family? This kit would be an excellent idea: all the polygel supplies one needs, all packed in a compact gift box. Caveat: LED lamp is low wattage.
$25.99 ($25.99 / Count)

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Best Budget-Friendly Nail Kit: Modelones Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit

So you’ve seen a few online tutorials about polygel nails and you want to give it a try. Is there a kit that is good for beginners, but easy on the wallet? Yes—we’d recommend Modeltones poly nail kit. 

It has less gel and colors than other fancy kits, but it still gives you a good bang for the buck. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to use—great for beginners.

• LED lamp.

• Includes basic nail care tools.

• Comes in a gift box!

What Needs Work

• Low wattage LED lamp = long nail drying time.

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Best Splurge Polygel Nail Kit

Includes nail art tools
This kit includes 12 colors plus a more powerful LED nail lamp (quicker drying time). Loved the butterfly flake glitter. For advanced users, this kit has all sorts of creative nail art.

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Best Splurge Polygel Nail Kit: Beetles 12 Colors Home DIY Gel Nail Polish Starter kit

Yes, this kit is pricey but wow! There is a good amount of bang for the buck here.

This bundle is good for beginners or as a gift: this kit includes a nail lamp plus polish, top coats, nail tools (file, buffer, tweezers), brushes and more. 

Nice feature: the 48 watt nail lamp is among the strongest wattage among the kits reviewed in this article. More wattage = quicker drying time!

What We Liked

• Beautiful colors. 12 colors included.

• Good for beginners who don’t know where to start—this kit covers all the bases.

• Lamp dries nails quickly.

• Easy to use.

What Needs Work

• Nail polish bottles are rather small. 

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