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What's the best needle nose pliers set? Which offers the best bang for the buck? The best variety of sizes? We tried out needle nose plier sets from 8 brands to find out. Here are the best bets.

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Best For Hobbies

Great for radio control projects
The grips are the star here—great for small projects like electronics. Also quite handy: the included carry case. Good quality tools.

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Best For Hobbies: CRAFTSMAN Pliers, 6-Piece Mini Set with Pouch

This six-piece set is our top recommendation if you need a pliers set for hobbies, electronics or radio control. Look at the hand grips for these tools—very grippy! Perfect for working on small projects.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Six-piece set with variety of cutting and molding tips.

• Each tool is about 4″ long.

•  Great for small projects.

• Nice hand grip.

What Needs Work

• Cutters could do a better job at cutting.

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Best For Fishing

Anti-slip rubber handles
These 5.8" long pliers are perfect not only for fishing but also projects like jewelry making. Good quality, strong and reliable.

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Best For Fishing: 6” Mini Needle Nose Pliers with Comfort Grip Handles, 2 Pliers Set

We asked the fishing enthusiast among our readers for their top picks among all the needle nose plier sets out there—this one by Viseman was a particular favorite. 

When you’re fishing, you need reliable strong pliers—and this set of two pliers fit the bill. We also thought these pliers would work well for jewelry making, especially given the 5.8″ length. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Nice grip.

• Good bang for the buck.

• Reliable construction.

• Include fine tips for use in tiny projects (jewelry making, for example).

What Needs Work

• Too big for some folks. If you have small hands and want to do jewelry projects, these pliers may be just touch too large.

Best Versatility

Includes case
Loved the variety of this set, including two angled pliers for those hard-to-reach projects. Also nice: bright orange handles make these tools easy to find.

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Best Versatility: NEIKO 02105A Lon Nose Plier / 4 Needle Nose Pliers Set

For some projects, it’s helpful to have a pliers set with a wide variety of tips—this four-piece set by NEIKO is a favorite for just that reason. We liked the tips with 45 and 90 degree angles . . . great for hard-to-reach places.

What We Liked

• Bright orange handles are easy to find.

• Great for fishing.

• Different angles are handy.

• Great grip.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Can rust if exposed to moisture.

Best For Vehicles

Soft molded handles
These 11" long pliers are sturdy and well-built. Open and close smoothly. Also great for chainsaw repair, computer work and more.

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Best For Vehicles: ABN Long Reach 11in Plier 4-Piece Set

If you like working on your vehicle, a needle nose pliers set with long tips is a necessity. Unfortunately, many popular sets only have short lengths. This one, by ABN, is our pick: we loved the 11″ long pliers to reach those hard-to-get-to areas.

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Open and close smoothly.

• Also great for chainsaw repair.

• Serrated gripping teeth.

• Long 11″ handles.

• Great for crafting.

What Needs Work

• No case.

• Edges are sharp.

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