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What's the best moon lamp? Both mesmerizing and oddly soothing, these glowing lamps reproduce a 3D map of the moon and work well as a night light. We researched a dozen moon lamp options and compared what they looked like in the real world. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Multi-Color Moon Lamp

16 colors + remote control
We liked the authentic moon surface on this 3D moon lamp—touch control turns it on/off or controls brightness. Also nice: includes stand and has rechargeable battery.

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Best Multi-Color Moon Lamp: Moon Lamp Lagrotate

Let’s talk the best moon lamp!

We are fascinated with these lamps—we’re not sure if it is the 3D version of the moon or various options (color changing, levitating), but moon lamps are captivating.

We compared several brands and looked for the best bang for the buck. For the best mult-color moon lamps, we think Lagrotate is the best bet.

Yes, some moon lamps only have one or two colors . . . which is nice, but for much the same price you can get this model that has 16 colors. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Rechargeable battery = cordless!

• Works about 6-12 hours per charge.

• 4.8″ size = not too big or too small.

• Remote control.

• Includes USB charging cord.

• Great for kids room with planet theme.

• Dimmable.

• Colors can flash, fade or strobe.

• Wood stand.

• Touch control to change brightness or turn on/off.

What Needs Work

• Remote must be very close to work. The maker says 30 feet, but it is more like six feet (based on our research).

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Best Mini Moon Lamp

White or yellow light
Loved the clever base shaped like a hand—this moon lamp is affordable and compact. Cordless rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours. Also nice: adjustable brightness.

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Best Mini Moon Lamp: Mydethun Moon Lamp

Sometimes smaller is better—and if you are looking for a moon lamp to fit on a desk or small shelf, we’d suggest this brand: Mydethum’s Moon Lamp. At 3.5″ wide, this lamp is perfect for use as a nightlight (not too bright or dim).

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Realistic moon surface map.

• Rechargeable battery

• 8-10 hours on single charge. 

• Mini touch switch turns on globe.

• Super cute “hand” baser.

What Needs Work

• Only two colors = white or yellow. That’s great for a nightlight . . . but disappointing if you want more color options.

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Best Levitating Moon Lamp

Floats and spins!
Impressive brilliant colors turn this moon lamp into a star/galaxy map . . . perfect as a night light. Or conversation starter. 16 colors and remote control round out the features. Long battery life.

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Best Levitating Moon Lamp: DTOETKD Levitating Moon Lamp

And now for something different: a moon lamp that floats.

Using magnetic levitation, this moon spins automatically . . . and is a authentic conversation starter! Yes, it is pricey, but we’ll recommend it anyway as a nice gift idea for your friend the astronomy enthusiast.

What We Liked

• Wow! Beautiful when lit and spinning.

• 3D printed map.

• Large 5.9″ size.

• Remote control.

• Two colors: yellow or white.

• Timer lets you set time for up to 60 minutes (in 15 minute increments).

• Wood base.

• DC power adapter.

What Needs Work

• Not kid friendly. Yes, it can be knocked off its base by a child or pet—so, this may not be the best choice if you have young kiddos or a cat.

• Not ideal as a nightlight, since it only stays lit for 60 minutes at a time.

• No rechargeable battery. There is a cord that extends from the base.

• Just two colors. If having more vivid colors is more important that the levitating feature, you might want to consider the next recommendation. 

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Best Vivid Color Moon Lamp

Eye catching, 5.9" diameter
Impressive brilliant colors turn this moon lamp into a star/galaxy map . . . perfect as a night light. Or conversation starter. 16 colors and remote control round out the features. Long battery life.

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Best Vivid Color Moon Lamp: BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp

This moon lamp takes the concept to the next level, with bright vivid lights—the result is a star/galaxy effect. Yes, it has a 3D map of the moon’s surface, but this lamp goes for 15-30 hours on a charge. That makes it well suited as a nightlight! 

What We Liked

• Long battery life.

• Colors galore! The 16 LED colors are mesmerizing.

• Rechargeable built-in USB battery.

• Remote control.

• Wood base.

• Perfect as an nightlight.

What Needs Work

• Brighter light? Some folks loved the look of this moon lamp, but wished it was brighter.

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