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What's the best modern floor lamp? To find out, we surveyed our parent readers for their favorites. Then we tried out several floor lamps that were top recommendations—LED lamps, industrial modern, tripods and more. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Modern LED Floor Lamp

Curvy, space-age vibe
Clever twisting design has three-way dimmable lamp. Even on the dimmest setting, it is a bit bright, however. Excellent for smaller spaces. Classy look at price that is easy on the wallet.

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Best Modern LED Floor Lamp: Brightech Helix – Modern LED Floor Lamp

We went on a quest to find the best modern floor lamps.

In surveying our readers for their favorites, we realized when it comes to “modern” floor lamps, folks have different ideas of what’s best. Some folks want a modern industrial look; others preferred a craftsman style tripod look. And then there are the gold (bright brass) modern floor lamps with an aesthetic all their own.

When it comes to modern LED floor lamps with a space-agey look, we think Brightech Helix’s floor lamp is the best best for most folks. It won style points on overall looks, as well as practical aspects (warm light glow).

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Modern vibe with curving design.

• Foot pedal dimmer switch.

 3-way dimmable.

• 90″ cord.

• Great for smaller spaces—48″ tall.

What Needs Work

• Too plastic-y for some folks. Yes, this light is made of plastic . . . but we still like the overall look. If you want a more metallic modern floor lamp, consider the next recommendation.

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Best Mod Industrial Floor Lamp

Easy to assemble
We absolutely loved this lamp—the thick, seeded glass is the star here. Chic farmhouse vibe is complemented by blackened bronze finish. Caveat: bulb not included. And this lamp has no dimmer switch.

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Best Mod Industrial Floor Lamp: Henn & Hart FL0014 Modern Farmhouse Seeded Floor Lamp

Yes, there are different schools of thought when it comes to modern floor lamps—industrial or farmhouse is a variant of modern lamp that plays well in most room decor today.

After looking at several lamps that fit this mold, we thought Henn & Hart’s FL0014 lamp is the best bet for most folks. Here’s why it impressed us:

What We Liked

 Easy to assemble.

• Rectangular base can slide under furniture.

• Seeded glass shade is most impressive.

• Chic, farmhouse vibe.

• 8 foot cord.

What Needs Work

• No dimmer.

• Heavy glass shade makes the lamp somewhat top heavy.

• Bulb not included. If you want a modern floor lamp with bulb included so you are ready to go, see our next recommendation.

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Best Modern Gold Floor Lamp

Stylish, conversation piece!
Super easy to assemble, we liked this cylindrical lamp's modern vibe . . . complete with 3 dimming options and bulbs that rotate 360 degrees. That lets you focus the light where it is needed.

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Best Modern Gold Floor Lamp: Brightech Stix LED Tripod Floor Lamp

Gold floor lamps are all the rage today and we see the point—the bright brass (or gold) finish does warm up an otherwise bland room. 

But what about modern lamps with a gold finish? After trying out 5 options, we think Brightech’s Stix LED Tripod Floor Lamp is the best bet. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Wow! Conversation piece!

• Light glows from tops of three brass polls.

• 3 dimming options.

• Bulbs rotate 360 degrees so you can focus light where you want it.

• Height (five feet) works well for most rooms with standard ceilings.

What Needs Work

• Light is colder in temperature (white) rather than warm (yellow). That didn’t bother us, but just an FYI.

• Doesn’t work well with smart plugs—at least that was our experience.

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Best Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Retro, mid-century look
The linen lamp shade is the star here—nicely compliments the wood tripod base. Easy to assemble (it arrives in a very small box), stylish and super cute. Caveat: bulb isn't included.

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Best Modern Tripod Floor Lamp: LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Modern floor lamps tend to be heavy on plastic or metal—and some folks prefer a warmer look. That’s why we liked LEPOWER’s Wood Tripod Floor Lamp. The wood gives this lamp a retro, mid-century vibe—yes, still modern . . . just softer!

What We Liked

• Arrives in a super small box!

• Includes linen lamp shade. That’s the star here, design-wise.

• Good height: Five feet tall with shade on.

• Foot switch.

• Wood tripod base.

• 10 foot cord.

What Needs Work

• A bit pricey.

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