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What's the best marzipan? To find out, we gathered marzipan enthusiasts among our staff to do a blind taste test. We also asked our parent readers for their favorites. What is the best marzipan candy? What about marzipan dough for baking? Here are the ones we think are best.

A Brief History of Marzipan & Our Taste Tests

Let’s talk the best marzipan!

When folks are looking for marzipan, most people are searching for either decorated marzipan candy or plain marzipan to form into shapes as cake decoration. We’ll cover both in this article.

Marzipan’s history is interesting.

Most marzipan lore puts the treat’s origins in Lubeck, Germany—at least, that’s the place where modern marzipan (which is basically sugar and almonds) emerged.

Marzipan was most likely brought to Europe by way of Persia and Turkey. 

In the 1400’s, a drought in Germany caused a shortage of wheat. Bakers came up with a substitute for wheat flour by mixing eggs, sugar and almonds—the result was marzipan. 

Blind Taste Tests

When testing treats like marzipan, we think the best approach is a blind taste test. That way folks aren’t influenced by a brand or fancy packaging.

Here are the best marzipan picks from our tests!

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Best Marzipan Candy

Great gift idea
Full of flavor, these marzipan candies impressed us with their texture and colorful decoration. Caveat: marzipan purists may balk at the apricot kernel paste, which is listed as an "additional ingredient."
$12.40 ($1.55 / Ounce)

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Best For Decorating

Made in Denmark
If you want to make your own marzipan pigs for good luck, this candy "dough" is excellent. Easy to form into shapes and very smooth—and delicious.
$31.76 ($0.76 / Ounce)

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Best Gift Idea

Very tasty
A great gift for your marzipan enthusiasts friends or relatives, we think this beautiful box is the best. Beautifully colored and detailed designs.
$28.95 ($0.80 / Count)

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Best Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Wonderful flavor
The dense, moist marzipan in these candies is balanced by the not-too-sweet chocolate. Made in Germany, this marzipan won over skeptics with its bittersweet chocolate flavor profile.
$14.99 ($2.14 / Ounce)

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