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What is the best magnetic tool wristband? To find out, we tried out several brands to see what fit best for different size wrists. Which had the best designed magnets? Easiest to use? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Magnetic Tool Wristband: Tips & Tricks

Let’s talk magnetic tool wristbands!

These clever gadgets fall into the category of “why didn’t anyone think of this before now!”

Anyone who has dropped a screw or bolt during a construction project can see the point of these wristbands—and that goes doubly true if you are working on a ladder!

We tried out wristbands from several brands  in researching this article and came away with a few tips and tricks:

• There are two basic types of magnetic tool wristbands: wrist-only and those with wrist support. The latter wrap around your thumb. The key advantage of the latter type: they don’t rotate or spin around, keeping crucial nails, screws or bolts in place.

• We love these bands for use in construction, auto repair and even sewing.

• In tight spaces (think working on a car) where you can’t get to your wrist, these wristbands can be unwrapped and laid out flat like a magnetic tray.

• Magnetic tool wristbands don’t always have to be worn on a wrist. If you are working on a ladder, consider wrapping the wristband around a rung as a way of keeping metal objects in place. You can also attach to your belt.

Here are the magnetic tool wristbands we recommend. 

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Best For Men or Women

Great as a gift
Yes, this wristband fits even small wrists well, which makes it a great gift for just about anyone. Loved the strong magnets and durable design.

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Best Strong Magnets

Largest capacity
This band has 15—yes, 15—strong magnets and is made of ballistic polyester. Mesh inner layer provides comfort. Super strong to hold nails, screws and more.

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Best With Wrist Support

Lightweight and breathable
Comfortable and convenient, this magnetic wristband has a key feature: it wraps around your thumb to keep the band from rotating. Loved the perforated neoprene fabric.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Weighs just 1.6 ounces
This wristband has fewer magnets (5), but is still very useful and easy to use. Great for hanging drywall. Loved the breathable mesh inside the band.

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