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What are the best macarons? To find out, we ordered in macarons from several brands and then did a blind taste test. We looked for overall flavor and freshness. Since these are often given as a gift, also consider the box presentation. What if you want to bake your own macarons? We'll also recommend a mix for you to try at home.

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Finding the Best Macarons! Our Taste Tests

It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.

To find the best macarons, we started by doing a bit of research on these wonderful cookies. Then we took an online class on macaron making. Our results were a bit mixed. Here are some of our own macaron cookies (unassembled):

Best Macarons our attempt

Along the way, we learned how involved the baking process is for macarons—it takes much time and care. Part of the challenge is making meringue, which is notoriously fussy.

So when it comes to buying macarons, you have two choices. Buy the pre-assembled version. Or try making them yourself. For the latter, we tried out several mixes that promise the perfect macaron.

Fortunately, there are several bakeries out there that will ship you wonderful macarons, no effort required. 

One major caveat: macarons are delicate cookies . . . and most macarons need to be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. Order macarons during warm summer months at your own risk.

After trying several boxes of macarons, here are the ones we thought were best. And in case you want to try this yourself, we also have a mix recommendation. Enjoy!

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Best Unique Flavors

Perfect gift for the cookie lover
Yes, there are 15 flavors in this box and it was the top winner of our blind taste tests! Each cookie is individually wrapped and the presentation box is pretty. Our favorite flavors: butterscotch and raspberry.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Very yummy!
These delicate cookies prove you don't have to spend a fortune to get wonderful macarons. We loved the packaging here—an insert explains the flavors. Made in New York.
$39.95 ($2.20 / Ounce)

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Best DIY Mix

Makes 24 cookies
We loved this mix—just add water, mix and pipe. The Swiss buttercream mix for filling is excellent. Caveat: you need to add your own flavorings and colorings, as this mix is just the vanilla base.
$14.95 ($1.12 / Ounce)

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