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What's the best LG refrigerator water filter? We surveyed the LG refrigerator owners among our parent readers to find what worked for them. Should you get the name brand? Or will a third-party filter do just as well? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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LG Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement: Advice & Tips

Let’s talk about the replacement water filter for your LG refrigerator.

You basically have two choices when it comes to a water filter replacement: the manufacturer’s (LG’s) own filters. Or a third-party filter. 

As you can imagine, LG recommend you use their own factory filters . . . which can be rather pricey. LG warns that third-party filters:

  • Can cause damage not covered under the LG warranty.
  • Are not guaranteed to properly filter water.
  • May not fit correctly.

So when we looked at third-party filters, we researched their overall quality and performance.

When it comes to water filters, there are a series of quality standards that apply—these are set by the NSF International, which is part of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Here is what you’d see on the filter:

NS42: These filters remove chlorine, taste and odors. This standard also requires the filter itself not leach contaminants into your water.

NS53: This filters out a series of other contaminants like asbestos.

NSF372: This filters out lead.

You’ll see these standards listed on the filters recommended in this article.

Here are the filters we’d recommend as replacement water filters for a LG refrigerator:

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Best Tried & True Brand

Pricey but effecctive
Yes, this filter works with 98 different LG models—and is easy to install (no tools required). Removes 99% of lead, benzene and asbestos. Made in Mexico. Caveat: sometimes changes the taste of water.

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Best Budget-Friendly Filters

BPA, lead free
This three-pack works well, says our readers, with no change to the taste of the water. Super easy to install and removes most of 26 contaminants. Caveat: doesn't fit all LG models, so check first.
$27.99 ($9.33 / Count)

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Best At Removing Chlorine Taste

Easy on the wallet
Our readers liked this nicely priced three-pack, especially for areas that had highly chlorinated water. NSF 42 and 372, this filter is made in China. Uses coconut shell carbon technology.
$27.98 ($9.33 / Count)

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Best Easy-to-Install Filter

Made in Mexico
This carbon filter may be a bit pricey, but our readers said it is easy to install (it works in over 120 different LG models). And yes, the water tastes better, said many of our readers.

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