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What's the best LED garage light? To find out, we tried out several popular brands to see which was the brightest, easiest to install and best overall quality. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Bright Garage Light

Great for a work area
Wow, these lights are incredibly bright! We loved this 2-pack of lights with 6000 lumens of flicker-free light. Also nice: panels are adjustable up to 90 degrees.

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Best Bright Garage Light: FREELICHT 2-Pack LED Garage Light

Let’s talk about the lighting in your garage.

If your garage is anything like ours, it was designed with a couple of measly light bulbs to light up a few hundred square feet. For some reason, when it comes to home design, lighting the garage seems to be at the bottom of the list of priorities for home builders.

To the rescue come a new group of LED garage lights. Installation is simple: you just screw in the base into your existing light socket. These three or four panel LED lights then do their thing—providing super bright light with minimal energy usage.

And best of all, many of these lights last for 50,000 or more hours  . . . yes, that is five YEARS if you left it on continuously!

After trying out several brands, we pick FREELICHT’s 2-pack of LED garage lights as the best bet for a bright garage light. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Very bright! Provides up to 6000 lumens of light.

• Easy to install.

• Three-panel design lets you adjust angle of light. You can adjust the panels up to 90 degrees.

• Affordable.

• Great for work areas.

What Needs Work

• Fixture can get hot.

• Some folks think the light is too much on the blue spectrum. We didn’t think this was a problem, but we know some folks who work in their garage with paint may want more color balance.

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Best Super Bright Garage Light

Excellent for taller ceilings
Amazingly bright, this light pumps out an impressive 18,500 lumens. No tools needed for installation—and it includes lamp base if you need it.

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Best Super Bright Garage Light: KERNOWO LED Garage Lights

Most of the garage LED lights we tried for this article are quite bright . . . but we know some folks want even more light. For those folks, we recommend Kernowo’s LED Garage lights with 18,500 lumens. Yes, you read that right: 18,500 lumens! This light is most impressive.

What We Liked

• Covers very large area with bright light.

• VERY VERY bright!

• 140 watts with 192 LED chips.

• Easy to install.

• Includes lamp socket (E26 base).

What Needs Work

• A bit pricey for a single light package. 

• Better for garages with taller ceilings (higher than 8 feet).

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Best Aluminum Panel Light

Bright 6000 lumens
We liked this three-panel light with die-cast aluminum panels—less heat build-up, according to our research. Great for a garage or work area.

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Best Aluminum Panel Light: Garage Light Tanbaby LED Garage Light

Most LED garage lights are housed in ABS plastic—and some folks are concerned about heat build-up, especially if you run the light for many hours at at time in a hot garage. For those people, we’d recommend a light with aluminum panels: the Tanbaby Garage Light. 

Why get a light with aluminum panels? It disperses heat better, so if you have a lower ceiling there is less concern with buildup.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Die-cast aluminum panels mean better heat dispersement.

• No flickering.

• Bright 6000 lumens.

• 144 LED diodes, 60 watts.

• Panels can rotate 90 degrees.

• Easy to install.

What Needs Work

• A bit pricey.

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