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What are the best latch hook kits for adults? To find out, we tried a dozen different kits. Which had the easiest instructions to follow? Which kits would make a nice gift? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best For Beginners

Easy-to-hang canvas when finished
Great for those starting out, this small project is perfect if you want to try rug hooking. Includes everything you need to get going: yarn, canvas and a wood latch hook tool.

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Best For Beginners: Latch Hook Kits – Tapestry Rug Hooking Kit for Adults

Rug hooking is a popular hobby but we must admit—it looks rather intimidating as a beginner. 

That’s where latch hook kits come in: you get all the supplies needed (canvas, yard, puncher). The best kits for beginners also have easy-to-follow instructions. 

That’s why we liked this kit: Tangywize’s Latch Hook Kits Tapestry Rug. After trying out several kits, we thought this one is the best for beginners, thanks to great instructions. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• When finished, it is easy to hang the canvas.

• Simple instructions.

• Fun for beginners.

• Wood latch tool.

• 12″ by 11″ project—smaller is better for those starting out!

What Needs Work

• Small project size. While smaller projects are great for beginners, other kits we tried produced larger projects (roughly 24″ by 15″) that would make nice rugs. This project is more of a wall hanging.

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Best Modern Design

Arrives in nice gift box
Loved the abstract design in this kit—the colors are brighter in the real world, in our opinion. Also nice: very soft yarn makes this resulting rug a nice addition to your home.

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Best Modern Design: DIY Handmade Shaggy Latch Hook Kit Rug

Most latch hook kits feature animals or other cute designs. That’s nice, but what if you want to use the resulting project as a rug in your house? This kit by GMXI is the best bet, in our opinion. We liked the cool abstract design . . . and the kit’s instructions are easy to follow.

What We Liked

 Bright colors. This kit has colors that look brighter in the real world versus what you see above . . . 

Best Latch Hook Kits for Adults rug kit real world pic

• Soft yarn.

• Comes in nice gift box.

• Easy-to-follow directions.

What Needs Work

• Hard to see some of the pre-printed lines on the canvas. best latch hook kits for adults

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Best Animal Design

Easy to make
The quality of this kit is impressive—and the finished rug would make a nice gift for a friend or child. Loved the beautiful end design. Great colors.

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Best Animal Design: Latch Hook Kits for Beginner,Crocheting Carpet Rug Acrylic Yarn Pre-Printed Canvas Cushion Mat Tapestry Sofa Decor Gift,Horse,20″ x 15″

If you are making a rug for a kid’s room, this kit would be our choice—a beautiful rendering of three horses, set amid a bright blue sky.  

What We Liked

• Easy to make.

• Beautiful design.

• Great colors.

• Good rug for a horse lover’s room.

What Needs Work

• Somewhat more pricey than other kits we tried. best latch hook kits for adults

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Best Budget-Friendly

Instructions are simple to follow
Packaged in a helpful plastic folder, this kit has easy to follow instructions. And it is easier on the wallet compared to others we tried. Nice design. Small number of colors is easy for beginners.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Tapestry Kits Latch Hook Rug Kits

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good starter latch kit for adults—Hzikk’s kit with three cactuses is a good example. We thought this kit was easy to use, even for beginners. And it is easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Easy to follow instructions.

• Instructions come in plastic folder.

• Includes a plastic box to hold all the supplies.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Poorly cut yarn? The kit we tried had a few pieces of unevenly cut yarn.

• Color card would be helpful. best latch hook kits for adults

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best latch hook kits for adults

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