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To find the best kids night lights, we tested 17 different options before picking these as best. Besides safety and ease of use, we found there are two camps of night light fans out there: folks who want night lights that project stars/moons/ocean waves and others that prefer something cute that softly glows.

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Best Projector Night Light

Multi-color stars, moon
Affordable, projects stars/moon . . . or turns into a regular night light. Multiple colors.

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Best Projector Night Light: Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

We tested 17 different night lights for kids before picking these favorites. For the best projector night light, we recommend the affordable Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector. This night light projects stars and moons with four different colors. It can be stationary or rotate—and it even can turn into a regular night light by using the opaque plastic cover. Nice LED lights that can be charged via USB or used with AAA batteries for travel.

Here’s what it looks like:

What We Liked

• Flexible. We liked the ability to change this night light back and forth from stars/moon projector to a regular LED night light.

• Affordable. 

Combine colors, rotate or stationary. When it comes to kids and favorite colors, you can’t have enough choices!

What Needs Work

• No auto shut-off.

• Motor can be noisy. After using this night light for a while, the motor develops a bit of noise—which defeats the soothing night light idea.

• Short cord. And even though it works on batteries, the Luckkid requires so much power, those batteries won’t last long.

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Best Night Light With Sound

Beautiful and relaxing
Beautiful ocean waves, white noise or bring your own tunes—this night light is a winner.

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Best Night Light With Sound: Ocean Wave Projector 

We loved this night light, which projects ocean waves and has a built-in speaker and white noise sounds . . . or use your own audio device to play soothing music. A remote control with touch sensor can change the mode, set the timer and adjust volume.

What We Liked

• Auto shut-off. We liked that you can set this night light to turn off after one, two or four hours.

• Adjustable angle from zero to 45 degrees for projection.

• Soothing white noise . . . ocean waves, of course.

What Needs Work

• Light is BRIGHT. And, unfortunately, the light intensity is not adjustable.

• No power adapter. This night light just comes with a micro USB cord—you have to provide the power adapter.

• Sound quality just ok. 

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Cutest Kids Night Light

Too cute for words
Adorable! Squishable silicone night light is kid friendly—but you have to charge it every day.

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Cutest Kids Night Light: Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

Yes, these night lights are simply adorable—there is a bear, dragon or owl. Or a unicorn. Here’s a look:



These night lights come with a remote that lets you select among eight different colors. Or you can tap the head of a Lumipet night light and it will “wake” up. These night lights are portable and cordless (they can charge off a micro USB cord).

What We Liked

• Soft texture. The soft silicone is washable and squeezable—and they return back to their regular shape. Very kid friendly!

• Timer. 

• Adjustable brightness. 

What’s Needs Work

• Must charge every day. Lumipets says the charge lasts 12 to 20 hours, but in our testing we got much less battery life. Bottom line: the night light has to be charged daily, which is a hassle if you forget.

• Battery life starts to fade after two to three months if you use it continuously at night.

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Best Traditional Night Light

Simple, effective
A simple LED night light with dusk to dawn sensor. Affordable.

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Best Traditional Night Light: Uigos LED Night Light

This set of six square LED lights has a built-in dusk to dawn light sensor—if you just want a simple night light for your kid’s room.

Here’s what they look like:

What We Liked

• Energy efficient.

• Designed to not block lower outlet. If you plug this night light into a top socket, it won’t block the lower one.

• Affordable. You can use the other lights in this pack to light a hallway, bathroom or other dark area.

What’s Needs Work

• Very bright. Some folks in our testing group thought these lights were too bright for a kid’s room. Others felt the light was just about right.

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