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What are the best Italian cookies? It was a tough job, but we sampled 9 different brands of cookies made in Italy to find out. We looked for the best gift box, best chocolate cookie and best wafer cookie. Here are the winners.

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Best Italian Cookies: Our Blind Taste Test Winners!

The Swiss may have their chocolate, but we love Italy for their amazing cookies.

There’s something magical about the cookies from Italy—they are rich and delicious.

For future research purposes, we are going to have to travel to Italy and inspect these bakeries first-hand. You know, quality control.

For now, however, our blind taste tests had to suffice—we took nine popular cookie brands made in Italy and had the cookie enthusiasts among our staff rank their favorites.

If you are looking to give Italian cookies as a gift (and if so, you are a special person indeed), we liked these choices best. . . with this tin of assorted cookies as a good place to start:


Best Italian Cookies Tin

Here’s what the cookies look like inside the tin—note how each type of cookie is individually wrapped:

Best Italian Cookies inside the tin

Here are the cookies unboxed from the tin . . . with a quarter at the bottom as a size reference:

Best Italian Cookies all included cookies

Here are the best Italian cookies from our taste tests:

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Best Italian Cookies Assortment

Lovely gold tin
Wowsa! We loved the selection of cookies, which includes a balance of crispy, flaky and filled cookies. Our favorite: the cocoa-filled cream chocolate cookie was divine.
$34.99 ($1.09 / Ounce)

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Traditional Favorite

No artificial flavors or coloring
These light, crisp macaron-style cookies are made of simple ingredients but have a rich, delicious flavor. So amazing!
$29.40 ($1.84 / Ounce)

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Best Chocolate Italian Cookie

A heavenly blend of crispy cookie and rich filling—these shortbread cookies won over our taste testers who crown this one the best chocolate cookie . . . ever.
$22.93 ($5.73 / Count)

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