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What are the best heated socks for men and women? Living here in Colorado, we know when your feet get cold, your entire body soon follows. To chase the chill, we tried out heated socks from 11 different brands. Which worked the best for wearing around the house? For skiing? Hunting? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best For Skiing

Comfy and thick
Loved how toasty these socks get. App works well, letting you adjust the temperature and turn them on/off remotely. That's handy for outdoor activities. Long enough for ski boots.

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Best For Skiing: PBOX Heated Socks for Men Women-5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Electric Heating Socks

Let’s talk heated socks.

There are two basic types of heated socks: battery-powered and super thick insulated socks without batteries.

The first type are heated with a lithium ion battery that can work from two to ten hours, depending on the brand.

For the best heated socks for skiing, we picked PBOX’s rechargeable battery socks. And yes, these socks are app-enabled . . . you can control the heat level via the app. This worked well in our testing. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Nice compression. 

• Thick fabric.

• Very warm!

• Warms up in minutes.

• Battery lasted four and half hours in our tests (medium setting). It took about five hours to charge.

• Long enough for ski boots.

• Can adjust the temperature, turn on/off and more via app.

What Needs Work

• Must create a user id to use app.

• App has been buggy in past. We didn’t have an issue, but see some earlier user reports about this.

Best For Around The House

Super soft
Nothing fancy, but gets the job done! We loved the luxurious, thick fabric on these socks. The brushed lining is very soft, giving them a cozy feel.

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Best For Around the House: Winter Warm Thermal Socks for Men Women

If you live in a cold climate, you know how drafty homes can be in the winter. Sometimes you need a thick pair of socks that are great for wearing around home—this would be our choice. No, they don’t have any fancy batteries or app-enabled features . . . they are just a warm pair of socks.

What We Liked


• No batteries, no charging,

• Very soft.

• Super comfortable.

• Not too tight.

What Needs Work

• Thick fabric means they may not work in your regular shoes.

Best Budget-Friendly

Wicked soft
The super soft texture of these socks remained after washing. We loved the thick fabric, which kept our toes nice and warm in our tests.

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 Best For Budget-Friendly: NY GOLDEN FASHION 3 Pairs Heated Sox

We loved these thermal socks, which are made of a super soft fabric. Very effective at keeping your feet warm on a cold winter’s day. Compared to others we tried, these socks washed well and remained super soft.

What We Liked

• Not itchy.

• Super comfortable.

• Not too tight.

• Very soft.

What Needs Work

• So thick they might not fit in your regular shoes.

Best for Hunting

Not too thick
We liked this brand's reputation for quality and the socks we tried didn't disappoint—they quickly warmed up and stayed that way for hours. Most impressive.

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Best for Hunting: SNOW DEER 2021 Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks

As any hunter knows, you spend many hours out in the cold waiting for that elusive buck or duck. For the best heated socks for hunting, we wanted a model that had the best battery life and heated up quickly. These socks came out tops in our tests—we got 4.5 hours from a single charge, which was impressive. Also nice: they heated up quicker than others we tried.

What We Liked

• Normal thickness, fits nicely in boots.

• Don’t feel the wires.

• Quickly warms.

• Very good battery life.

 • Takes 4 hours to charge, which is relatively quick.

• On/off button on battery.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Must use a laundry bag when machine washing. Otherwise, hand wash.

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