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What are the best heated outdoor mats to melt snow? If you have an always-shaded front stairs or walkways, heated mats are a solution to keep the area free from ice and snow. But what works best? We asked our parent readers in cold climates for their real-world experiences with heated mats. Then we tried out a couple ourselves. Which is best for stairs? Best for walkways? Here are the winners.

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Finding the Best Heated Mats to Melt Snow: Our Advice & Tips

As a native born Coloradan, I know snow and ice—and trust me, nothing is more frustrating than trying to keep stairs or walkways free of ice when they sit in shaded areas in winter.

The challenge, of course, is that unless you are religious about shoveling/salting, ice and snow build-up can become hazardous in a hurry.

Heated outdoor mats are one alternative solution to keeping your walkway or stairs ice-free. After spending seven hours researching this topic (including trying out mats and asking our parent readers for their real-life experiences), we’ve come up with a few tips when it comes to purchasing these mats:

• Consider the total costs. Some mats are sold without power-supplies—yes, that is an extra expense. Also consider buying an Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor plug (like this one by Wyze) so you can turn on/off the mat without going outside.

• Some mats allow you to daisy chain them together for longer coverage. But the connectors to do this again may be an extra expense.

• Be careful about placing these mats on wood or plastic decks. We’ve heard stories from our readers about how these mats damaged (scorched) wood decks, so be careful to make sure the mat you are purchasing is compatible with the surface you are putting it on!

• Mats only can do so much snow melting. Most mats are designed to raise the ambient temperature about 40 degrees or so. That means they may work well unless the temperatures drop below zero—in the case, you may be out of luck! These mats’ top melt rate of 2″ an hour may also not keep up when blizzard conditions exit.

Here are the best heated mats to melt snow: best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

Best Tried & True Brand

Great for walkways
Yes, these are pricey but wow, do they do the job—very impressive snow melting! Excellent durability and no-slip design. Caveat: power supply extra.

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Best Tried & True Brand: HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat

HeatTrak is perhaps the best known brand in this space—and we heard from several readers who complimented their quality and effectiveness. And after spending several hours researching this topic, we agree: these mats do a great job at melting snow.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Durable.

• Well built.

• Keeps up with typical snowfall.

• Excellent quality.

• Can daisy-chain mats together.

What Needs Work

• Power supply is an extra purchase.

• Connecting mats requires a special cord, also an extra purchase.

• Pricey.

• Doesn’t always clear the snow edge to edge. best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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Best Heated Door Mat

Good bang for the buck
Excellent sturdy mat that melts a good amount of snow per hour. Easy to use with excellent traction.

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Best Heated Door Mat: VEVOR Snow Melting Mat

This mat offers good bang for the buck—and is sized right for doorways. Performance is impressive—it works well. And yes, it comes with a digital timer (but we would suggest relying on a separate outdoor smart plug, which you can activate when needed). 

Here’s what the mat looks in real life, as we set it up on the concrete sidewalk. This is the 40×60 size:

best heated outdoor mats to melt snow VEVOR Snow Melting Mat set up

We used an infrared thermometer (which we reviewed here) to test the temperature after 10 minutes:

best heated outdoor mats to melt snow Heated snow mat test VEVOR Snow Melting Mat after 10 minutres

As you can see, it was a very toasty 103 degrees F after just a few minutes. That was impressive.

And how did it do in our tests? Here is a time-lapse of a small snow storm (about 2 inches). The VEVOR mat (look at lower right) was free of ice and snow in the morning:

best heated outdoor mats to melt snow Time Lapse of Liquid Ice Melt Test

What We Liked

 Excellent traction.

• Sturdy.

• Great for the elderly.

• Roll-up mat has straps so it can be stored easily.

• Affordable—at least compared to other snow melting mats of this size.

What Needs Work

• Included timer isn’t for outdoor use.

• Water can pool around mat and then freeze. best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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Best for Stairs

Non-slip surface is impressive
Love the design of these mats, which are perfect for stairs leading from a deck or front door. Durable and well-designed.

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Best for Stairs: HeatTrak Heated Snow Melting Mats for Stairs

Most heated mats are designed to work for doorways—this mat is designed for stair treads, with a couple different length options. Yes, this mat is by HeatTrak, which we discussed above. The same pros and cons apply (you have to buy a separate power supply, etc). best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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Best For Accessible Ramp

Clears snow fast
The yellow safety stripe is a stand-out feature here, as is the snow melting ability. Also nice: the mat rolls up for storage after the winter.

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Best For Accessible Ramp: RHS Heated Walkway, Non-Slip Snow Melting mat

Most heated mats are relatively short in length—and while you can daisy-chain together some mats together, you may still not get the length needed when trying to melt snow on a handicap-accessible ramp. For this use, we suggest the RMS Heated Walkway. We like the yellow safety strip (something we didn’t see in other mats we researched). All in all, this mat is impressive and gets the job done.

What We Liked

• Works well at melting snow.

• Perfect for ramps or other inclines.

• Safety stripe.

• Includes power supply.

• Rolls up for storage.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Doesn’t daisy chain together for longer lengths. best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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best heated outdoor mats to melt snow

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