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What are the best handmade toys for a baby or toddler? We asked our parent readers for their favorite gifts for newborns or toddlers. We combined these suggestions with our research, comparing quality and value. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Good craftsmanship
We loved this classic name puzzle, customized with not only your child's name but also color scheme (12 choices) and 9 different motifs. Beautiful!

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Best Budget-Friendly: Personalized Wood Name Puzzle With Pegs

We love giving a handmade gift at a baby shower or holidays—there’s something magical about it! And one of our favorites is a wood name puzzle that’s personalized. After looking at several options and getting suggestions from our readers, we think Enjoy the Wood Store’s Personalized Wood Name Puzzle With Pegs as the best bet for most folks. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Good craftsmanship.

• Very cute.

• Wood letters have pegs for grasping.

• Affordable.

• Acrylic stand for display is available as an accessory.

• 12 color schemes and 8 character motifs, including space rockets and dinosaurs.

• When puzzle pieces are removed, they reveal the motif below.

What Needs Work

• Everything is extra—the base price is just for one letter. If you have a five-letter child’s name plus pegs plus engraved message plus acrylic stand, it can add up!

• Make sure knobs are secure. If they fall off, they can be a choking hazard. Or just skip the knobs all together!

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Best Puzzle For Toddlers

Eco-friendly yet fun
Simple, yet pretty all wood puzzle is a bit more challenging, but fun for toddlers. Makes a great gift.

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Best Puzzle For Toddlers: Montessori Toys World Map Puzzle

Ok, this puzzle is more challenging than the name puzzle recommended above . . . but a nice gift for toddlers or older kids. We loved the overall aesthetic and craftsmanship.

What We Liked

 Looks nice.

• Challenging for toddlers to complete!

• Made in Lithuania.

• Eco-friendly, all wood toy.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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Best Customizable Puzzle

Makes a nice gift
Loved all the options to customize this puzzle, including choice of 23 different colors. Wow! Also nice: 22 more custom puzzle elements. Well designed and well made.

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Best Customizable Puzzle: BusyPuzzle Name Puzzle with Pegs

We loved all the custom options with this puzzle—in addition to the child’s name, you can add one of 22 additional elements such as a heart, star, plane, cloud and more. That’s more customization than other puzzles we researched.  

What We Liked

• Lightweight.

• 18 color schemes.

• 22 additional puzzle elements for more customization!

• Affordable.

• Makes for a nice gift.

What Needs Work

• Can get pricey if you add extras and a stand. On the other hand, that’s what makes this puzzle so unique—the ability to change the background and more.

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