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What are the best googly eyes? There's something magical about these wiggly eyes—they are fun for craft projects, costumes and adding a little levity to life. We looked at several kits that had various sizes of googly eyes. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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The Secrets To Great Popcorn

Here at the home office, we take our popcorn seriously.

We’ve tried all the standard ways of making popcorn—stovetop, air-popped, microwave and more. 

Along the way, we’ve learned these key secrets to amazing popcorn:

• Toppings are essential. The butter toppings reviewed below are essential for great air-popcorn . . . that’s because salt won’t stick as well.

• Not any salt will do. The best popcorn salt is FINELY ground. Forget Kosher salt or other coarsely ground salt—it won’t stick. Later in this article, we’ll recommend a salt plus topping combo that is a fave.

• Topping or popping? All the top popcorn butters in this article can either be used topping or popping—that is, oil to pop kernels!

Here are our top popcorn butter options:

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Best Budget-Friendly

Too much fun
We liked this set's five different sizes and easy to use self-adhesive—although it can take a bit of effort to get the backing off. May have to use a glue gun to adhere to some surfaces.

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Best Large Quantity

Great for classrooms
If you need a 1000 googly eyes, this is the set we'd recommend. While the variety are limited (four sizes), these googly eyes stick well and are long lasting. Good bang for the buck.

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Best of Variety of Sizes

Love the eyelash version
Yes, this set has SEVEN different sizes of googly eyes, including some super-cute eyelash varieties. Good adhesion and overall quality.

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Best Large Size Googly Eyes

Great for costumes
Wow—yes, these are 6" googly eyes, for those really big projects. Excellent for decorating doors, trash cans and more. Loved them!

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Is There Anything More Fun Than Googly Eyes?

Just try not smiling when you look at craft projects with the googly or wiggly eyes. 

FYI: The phrase googly eyes comes from German—Guck Augen means ogling eyes or eyeballs.

If you are buying googly eyes for craft projects, consider getting a set that includes a wide variety of sizes.

We surveyed our parent readers to find their favorite googly eye sets. Then we tried out some of them for ourselves. (There may have been some pranks involving condiment bottles in a refrigerator).

Here are the googly eyes we’d recommend!

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