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What are the best gluten-free tarts? To find out, we did a blind taste test here with our staff of tart enthusiasts. Which were tastiest? The best bang for the buck? Here are the ones we liked best.

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Our Blind Taste Test To Find The Best Gluten-Free Tarts!

Who doesn’t like breakfast pastries?

With the increasing number of gluten-free brands on the market today, we thought it was high time to do a taste test of the latest gluten-free tarts. 

To keep things fair, we did a blind taste test and tried out both frosted and unfrosted tarts from several top brands. To find these best bets, we also asked our parent readers to chime in with their favorites.

One thing that wasn’t a big surprise: the top flavors are brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry. These are the most popular flavors of breakfast pastries, whether they are gluten-free or not!

After all that tasting, here are the ones we thought were best!

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Best Brown Sugar Cinnamon

A bit chewy, but flavorful
If you are trying to cut down on sugar, these cake-style tarts are worth a try. Bonus: with 20 grams of protein per serving, these tarts are more keto friendly than others we tried.
$26.99 ($1.53 / Ounce)

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Best Strawberry Gluten-Free

260 calories per serving
Yes, these tarts hit all the right notes: dairy-free, no GMO's, vegan, Kosher and less sugar than other brands. Ok, they taste more like a granola bar than a pastry . . . but our tasters liked that!

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Best Frosted Strawberry

Good bang for the buck
If you like the name brand strawberry pastry but would prefer something more organic (and without the artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup), we’d recommend these pastries. They topped our taste tests for best organic strawberry tart.
$31.16 ($0.24 / Ounce)

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Best Frozen Gluten-Free Tarts

Pricey but very tasty!
Delicious! We loved these flash frozen pies, which are small in size but big in taste. Dairy free, nut free, soy free—great for allergy sensitive folks.
$29.52 ($1.34 / Ounce)

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