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What are the most fun gender reveals? We researched and tested some of the most fun gender reveal ideas, including confetti/powder cannons, balloons, footballs, golf balls, and party supplies! Here are the ones we thought were best!

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Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Everything but the kitchen sink
We liked this all in one kit, including a gender reveal ballon, banner, props and more. Very affordable. Loved the cupcake toppers! Everything you need for a party, said our testers.

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Best Gender Reveal Party Supplies: Primepure 

When folks find out we write about babies and kids for a living, they always ask: do you get tired of writing about babies all the time? To which we say—can you imagine writing about anything more wonderful than this? Case in point: gender reveal parties. Who doesn’t love celebrating this occasion?

If you’re planning a gender reveal party, let’s start with the basics: party supplies. After looking at various all-in-one party supply kits, Primepure’s Gender Reveal Party Supply kit came out on top. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Everything you need: large gender reveal balloon, banners, cupcake toppers, pink/blue balloons and more.

• Affordable. 

• Lots of decorating items = more fun. 

What Needs Work

•  A few defective balloons. A couple of the balloons in the kit we got had holes—there were still enough to make it festive, but just an fyi.

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Best Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Bonus: Confetti is biodegradable!
Loved the 10 to 15 foot spray of confetti from this spring-loaded cannon. Tip: twist it for a bigger bang. You get 2 cannons for boy or girl for great effect.

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Best Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon: 12″ Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon Package

Nothing says fun like confetti, the concept of which dates back to early 19th century Italy (originally, confetti were small sweets handed out at parties). And this was the best confetti cannon we tested. You twist the bottom of the cannon (comes with 2 pink and 2 blue cannons).

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Best Gender Reveal Balloon

Opaque black balloon hides the reveal
Wow! 3-foot wide balloon made a great pic moment with confetti and ribbons. Nice touch: includes a backup balloon in case you miss the photo or video from the first reveal.

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Best Gender Reveal Balloon: Sweet Baby Co. Jumbo 36 Inch Baby Gender Reveal Balloon

Balloons are probably the most popular gender reveal—this one was our favorite. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Two 36″ black balloons. Each one holds heart-shaped confetti with gold foil accent hearts.

• Backup balloon in case the main one doesn’t work!

What’s Needs Work

• Heavy. When filled with confetti, this balloon can be heavy to hold up. And it’s hard to tie when its inflated.

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Best Gender Reveal Powder Cannon

20 foot spray of color powder
We loved this gender reveal for outdoor parties—it sparks, then smokes before releasing a huge puff of blue or pink powder. Non-toxic powder made of cornstarch and food coloring.

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Best Gender Reveal Powder Cannon:  The Perfect Party Boutique Cannon

This plastic cannon has powder made from cornstarch and food coloring, so it’s non-toxic. The effect: it shoots colored powder some 20 feet in the air!

What We Liked

• Bright powder!

What’s Needs Work

• How to twist the cannon to get it to work. This can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not clued in to the process!

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