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Yes, new gas cans can be frustrating to use—new safety features (mandated for all cans made after 2009) make it a challenge to pour fuel without spilling. To the rescue come these gas can spout replacements. We tried out several on our trusty gas can to find the ones that were easiest to use. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Gas Can Spout Replacement: Why Should Get One?

In case you haven’t bought a gas can in recent years, you may be in for a surprise.

That’s because new gas cans (made after January 1, 2009) are required to have certain design features for added safety.

To say these changes have been unpopular in certain quarters would be an understatement.

New cans must have a spring-loaded spout that closes immediately after pouring. To open the spout, you must first push a safety button . . . which can be a challenge when you are holding a five gallon can (that can weigh 38 pounds when full) with two hands.

Critics complaint that you need three hands to operate the new cans. And, ironically, it is easier to spill gas from the new cans (given all the hands needed for operation). 

We’ll leave the debate over the safety and effectiveness of these new features to other blogs. But what if you just want to get fuel to easily flow out of your gas can?

Here’s the good news: gas can replacement spouts can fix the problem. Yes, you can have a gas can that pours easily once again.

We tried out several replacement spouts for gas cans. Here are the ones we’d recommend:

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Best Old Style Spout

Includes vent caps
Loved how easy this spout is to install—and yes, the fuel flowed fast in our tests. The only caveat: the spout is a bit stiff . . . and may not fit all size cans.

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Best Bendable Spout

Good bang for the buck
This three-pack of nozzles, collars and vent caps is well designed—and we liked the much more bendable spout, especially for lawn mowers.

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Best Rigid Spout

Includes replacement vent
We loved how simple this cap is to install—just a few seconds and bam! The gas flows easily from your can. A rigid spout is great for generators . . . but some critics say the length is a bit short.

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Best Easy Install

Long, 8.7" flexible spout
We loved the simple, elegant design of this spout—and the stainless steel filter is excellent. Super easy to use. Critics note the rubber gasket could be more robust.

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