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What's the best flower press? Should you go with a traditional design? Or one of those new microwavable flower presses? We tried out several to see what worked best. Here are the ones we thought were easiest to use . . . and produced the best results.

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Best Flower Press Kit

Great for beginners
If you are dried flower curious, this kit is a good place to start—you can press up to four layers of flowers at once. And all the included tools and extras are quite handy.

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Best Flower Press Kit: Worown Flower Press

Let’s talk about the best way to press flowers!

Dried flowers are popular for homemade greeting cards, scrapbooks, bookmarks, wedding invitations. And let’s not forget about resin phone cases, photo frames and jewelry!

When it comes to drying flowers, you have two basic choices: the traditional method and newer, microwavable flower press kits.

Both have their pros and cons, as we’ll discuss below.

One tip: flower presses are best for small delicate flowers that aren’t too thick. Think daisies, violets, periwinkles, ferns, etc. Yes, can dry rose flower petals—but whole roses or tulips don’t work well.

For the best flower press kit, we like Worown Flower Press. This one is a reader favorite and we’d agree—it is well-designed and great for beginners.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Includes all the supplies you need to get started. You get a press plate, lining paper and more.

• Takes about 3 days to dry.

• Great for beginners.

• Easy to use.

• Good size for travel.

What Needs Work

• Instructions could be more thorough.

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Best Flower Press for Kids

Easy on the wallet
Looking for a fun family activity for a rainy day? This press is easy to use and sturdy for small projects. Designed in France and made of MDF.

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Best Flower Press for Kids: Moulin Roty Flower Press

Designed in France, this kit is a great way for kids to learn to start pressing flowers. It’s sturdy and can dry up to six layers of flowers at once.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Sturdy for small projects.

• Nice construction (made from MDF).

• For kids age 3 and up.

• Uses threaded metal bolts to press the flowers.

What Needs Work

• Be careful not to over-tighten or the press board can split.

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Best Microwave Flower Press

Quick and easy
Although it takes a bit of trial and error to make this work, the results are stunning and quick—the flowers are more vibrant. And you don't have to wait days for results.

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Best Microwave Flower Press: Microfleur 5” Regular Microwave Flower Press

And now for something different: a microwave flower press.

Yes, this kit is designed to use short bursts of heat from a microwave to quickly dry flowers. That’s one of the key advantages of a microwave press: you can get results in seconds. Traditional flower presses take anywhere from three days to weeks to get a proper result.

Here’s more on why we think this microwave flower press is a good bet:

What We Liked

• Better color retention than traditional methods.

• Made in USA.

• Liners are washable.

• Quick results.

• Easy to assemble.

What Needs Work

• Learning curve! If you microwave the flowers too long, you can burn the fabric inside this press. Getting it just right takes a bit of trial and error (you should microwave the flowers for 10 or 15 seconds at a time and see how it’s going).

• Pricey.

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