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What's the best fire extinguisher? To find out, we interviewed three fire safety experts and poured over third-party research data—which extinguishers were most effective? Easiest to use? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

FYI: We've been reviewing and rating products for the home and families since 1994. To keep things independent, we don't take money or freebies from brands we review! Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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Best Tried & True Brand

Nice feature: includes mounting bracket
Yes, this revised model has a metal handle, lever & valve—this change answers past issues with plastic that could break. Good all-purpose size. Caveat: small size may not be big enough to dose larger fire.

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Best For Kitchens

Very good overall quality
We liked the larger capacity here (3A30BC)—great for kitchens or other food prep areas. Also nice: includes mounting bracket and strap. Pressure gauge is easy to read.

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Best With Tamper-Proof Seal

Rechargeable, excellent quality
Yes, some areas require fire extinguishers to be installed with seals to meet fire codes. This model fits the bill and features a larger capacity (3A40BC) than others we researched.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Also approved for marine use
Great for RV's, this smaller size extinguisher is well made and easy on the wallet. All metal construction is impressive.

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Buying the Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Kitchen, Home or RV

Let’s talk fire extinguishers!

If you are the proud new owner of a home, equipping your new house with basic fire safety like a fire extinguisher make sense. 

Rating fire extinguishers is like evaluating the effectiveness of parachutes—you hope you never have to find out if it fails.

To get advice on buying the best fire extinguisher, we interviewed fire safety officials from three counties across the country. We got their buying tips on what to look for when considering a fire extinguisher. Then we poured over third-party research that compared extinguisher safety.

After all that research, here is some advice plus tips on buying a fire extinguisher:

• Fire extinguishers are rated A, B and C. A is for wood, paper, trash and some plastic fires. B is for flammable liquids. C stands for fires caused by energized electrical equipment. Hence, the most popular fire extinguishers are rated ABC for all three types of fires.

• The second number next to the letter refers to water equivalency (A, where 1 = 1.25 gallons)) and square footage of coverage (B). Hence, a fire extinguisher that is rated 1A10BC covers all fire types, is equivalent to 1.25 gallons of water and covers 10 square feet of fire.

• Make sure the fire extinguisher is UL rated. All the recommended products in this article have a UL rating.

• Always point the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire, not the top!

• The best fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge. Make sure the gauge is always in the green area—check this when you first get the extinguisher, as some extinguishers may accidently discharge during shipping. (Yes, you can have a used fire extinguisher recharged by a local fire equipment supply company).

Here are the best fire extinguishers based on our research:

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