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What's the best embroidery kit? We asked our parent readers for their favorites. What was best for beginners? For kids? Budget-friendly? We discovered the best embroidery kits had a wide variety of supplies, tools and hoops. After looking at 14 different kits, we think these are the best bets.

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Best Beginner Embroidery Kit

Includes 5 wood hoops—better than plastic
We loved the value here—this complete set has just about every tool, supply and thread color to get going. Yes, 50 colors and 30 needles! That's much more than other kits we researched.

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Best Beginner Embroidery Kit: Caydo Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit

Have you got the embroidery bug? Yes, it usually starts off with some Instagram scrolling . . . then Pinterest . . . then more scrolling their #embroideryart hashtags. Before you know, it you are wondering just what are the best embroidery kits for beginners.

We asked our parent readers, among whom there are quite a few embroidery enthusiasts. We heard good suggestions for the best overall kit for beginners, as well as kits for kids. And what about a good starter embroidery kit for florals? We compared 14 different kits before picking these choices.

For the best embroidery kit for beginners, we liked Caydo’s starter kit.

This kit is a good place to start, with a complete set of tools (scissors, thimble) plus 30 needles. Yes, you read that right—30 needles.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Great for beginners.

• Affordable. We liked the overall value here—this kit is soup to nuts!

• Nice range of colors—50 different colors of cotton thread are included.

• Includes needle threading tools.

• 5 different sized wood embroidery hoops. We prefer wood better than plastic, based on the advice of our embroidery-loving readers. Wood is more sturdy, in our opinion. And that makes it easier for beginners.

• Wood hoops can double as frames when you hang your artwork! Plastic hoops don’t look as nice.

What Needs Work

• Thread is just basic quality. Yes, there are better quality threads out there . . . but this kit is a good place to start.

• No patterns are included. Lots of folks who want to try embroidery want a kit that not only includes supplies, but also has several patterns. This kit doesn’t have any . . . just supplies and tools. If you want a kit with patterns, try our next recommendation.

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Best Budget-Friendly Kit

Super cute and easy to do
A great starter kit with 3 beautiful floral patterns—includes all the supplies (tools, thread) to get it done. Caveat: there is just one hoop included. And the directions could be clearer!

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Best Budget-Friendly Kit: ENTHUR 3 Pack Embroidery Starter Kit

One of the best things about embroidery as a hobby is how affordable it is—unlike other crafts that require big bucks to set up, this one can be done on a budget.

For the best budget-friendly embroidery we like ENTHUR’s 3-pack starter kit. Yes, this kit includes three patterns (unlike the Caydo above that is all supplies, no patterns). And there are good basic tools as well.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Cute designs!

• Plenty of thread.

• Affordable.

• Fun—great for older kiddos who want to give this a try.

• 5 needles are included.

• Includes one 8″ embroidery hoop.

What Needs Work

• Directions are hard to follow. You’re better off watching online videos than reading the included instructions.

•  Only one embroidery hoop included—and it’s plastic. This is somewhat confusing as the photo for this product shows three hoops. 

• Don’t iron the pattern until you embroider it! That’s because a hot iron can make the pattern disappear. To be fair, this is true for most other patterns in starter kits as well.

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Best Embroidery Kit for Kids

Perfect place to start
Young kids can easily get discouraged with some starter embroidery kits—this one is the best at introducing your child to needlework. Loved the cute patterns. And easy on the budget.

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Best Embroidery Kit for Kids: 4M Embroidery Stitches Kit

The kits we recommend above are great for adults who want to try embroidery—but they are not as kid-friendly as this kit: 4M’s Embroidery Stitches Kit.

For younger kids (age 9 and up), we think this kit is a better: it teaches embroidery basics and the patterns are super-easy to do. It helps build confidence.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Great starter kit.

• Cute patterns.

• Teaches embroidery basics such as stitching and outlining.

• Simple projects are easy to quickly finish.

What Needs Work

• Plastic hoop set included in this kit could be better quality. We like wood better.

• Plastic needles are harder to use compared to metal. That’s because metal punches through the fabric easier, in our opinion. Plastic needles can also break.

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Best Floral Embroidery Kit

Striking black fabric looks great
Loved the beautiful floral patterns in this kit, which includes includes fabric, tools and thread. Also nice: the clear instructions are easy to follow. A bit more complex than other beginner kits, however.

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Best Floral Embroidery Kit: Caydo 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit

Floral embroidery is one of the most popular starter projects for those interested in needlework. After looking at several starter kits with floral embroidery patterns, we liked this one best: Caydo’s 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit.

As the name implies, you get three beautiful floral patterns—and all the tools and thread needed to finish the projects in no time. Here’s more on why we liked this set:

What We Liked

• 3 different fabric colors. Most starter sets just have white fabric; this set includes white, black and navy. The darker colors provide a striking contrast for the floral embroidery.

• Plenty of thread.

• Affordable.

• 6 needles included.

• Three plastic hoops (two different sizes). 

What Needs Work

• Plastic hoops are less ideal than wood in our opinion. We think wood is more sturdy—and looks nicer if you want to hang your artwork when finished.

• Probably best for intermediate skill level. Yes, this is a starter kit, but we’d judge the level of difficult in this pattern as more somewhat harder than the ENTHUR kit recommended earlier in this article. 

• Needles could be more sturdy. 

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