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What's the best elephant-themed bedding for a baby crib? To find out, we asked our parent readers for their favorites. Then we researched 7 different sets, comparing quality and value. We looked at how well the sheets washed. Here are the elephant crib bedding sets we'd recommend.

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The Secrets To Great Popcorn

Here at the home office, we take our popcorn seriously.

We’ve tried all the standard ways of making popcorn—stovetop, air-popped, microwave and more. 

Along the way, we’ve learned these key secrets to amazing popcorn:

• Toppings are essential. The butter toppings reviewed below are essential for great air-popcorn . . . that’s because salt won’t stick as well.

• Not any salt will do. The best popcorn salt is FINELY ground. Forget Kosher salt or other coarsely ground salt—it won’t stick. Later in this article, we’ll recommend a salt plus topping combo that is a fave.

• Topping or popping? All the top popcorn butters in this article can either be used topping or popping—that is, oil to pop kernels!

Here are our top popcorn butter options:

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Best Budget-Friendly

Easy to clean
We loved how well the sheet washed in this set. The gender neutral design is excellent and the overall fabric feel is soft. Also nice: three-sided bed skirt works well with solid-backed cribs.

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Best For Pink Lovers

Great shower gift
Excellent quality sheet features all around elastic for snug fit. We loved this set's pretty theming and coordinating crib skirt.

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Best Splurge

Adorable and soft
Yes, this set is more pricey—but it includes more items than others (including a blanket and changing pad cover). Loved the fleece blanket (great for tummy time, but not in the crib, however).

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Best Gender Neutral

Great to pair with a grey crib
We liked the mix of elephants and chevron/diamond patterns in this set—the look is sophisticated. And the quality was good, with a soft sheet.

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Elephant Crib Bedding Sets: Tips & Advice

Let’s talk about elephant themed crib bedding!

We’ve been reviewing and rate crib bedding since 1994—and elephants are a classic theme that has been popular for more than one generation of parents.

Bonus: given the popularity of grey nursery furniture, elephants naturally fit right in!

Before buying one of these sets, consider these tips:

• Comforter/quilts are for hanging on a wall, not in the crib. Yes, many of the crib sets we recommend this article have a quilt, blanket or comforter—these are shown draped over a crib rail in many pictures. Remember that your baby’s crib is safest with NO soft bedding—no comforter, blanket, quilt.  Use these items as decor for the baby’s nursery, not in the crib.

• Crib sheets should always fit snug to the mattress. All of these sets feature sheets that washed well and didn’t shrink. 

• Only use pillows after 18 months of age. One of these crib sets features a pillow—safety experts say don’t use this in a crib until your baby is at least 18 months of age. Before that time, use the pillow on a dresser as decor.

Here are the best elephant crib bedding sets we found in our research:

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