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What's the best electric knife sharpener? We tried out 9 different knife sharpeners to find the answer. Which were easiest to use? Quickest? Then we surveyed our parent readers to find their favorites. Based on those recommendations and our own hands-on experience, we recommend these knife sharpeners.

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Best For Less Expensive Knives

Super easy to use
If you have average (read: inexpensive) kitchen knives, this sharpener will do the job—in 5 minutes, you can get a sharp edge. Great feature: blade guides position knife at correct angle.

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Best For Less Expensive Knives: Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Why get an electric knife sharpener instead of a manual (carbonite) sharpener or sharpening stone? Speed for one. Electric knife sharpeners are much quicker, especially than stones. Also: electronic sharpeners make consistent good edges . . . and if used properly, don’t damage knives. The same can’t be said for manual or carbonite sharpeners.

If you have basic, inexpensive kitchen knives, what is the best electric sharpener? After looking at 7 different brands and consulting experts, we think Presto’s 08800 is the best bet for folks.

That said, let’s be clear—if you have those fancy Japanese, French or other thick-bladed knife, you’re going to need something beefier than Presto 08800. But for average folks with affordable knives, the Presto will do just fine, in our opinion.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Can get a sharp edge in 5 minutes.

• Makes a good edge.

 2-stage system for non-serrated knives.

• Easy to use.

• Affordable.

• Blade guides position the knife at proper angle.

What Needs Work

• Low power = not great for thicker (more expensive) knives. In that case, we’d recommend this next pick.

Best Sharpener For Pricey Knives

Works on serrated & non-serrated knives
Loved this sharpener, which is easy to use . . . once you've read the directions and practiced a bit. The result: VERY sharp knives! Caveat: only does a 15 degree edge.

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Best Sharpener For Pricey Knives: Chef’sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife

If you can afford it, we’d recommend the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV knife sharpener—it’s what our parent readers (and experts) said is the best bet for thicker (read: more expensive) kitchen knives.

Why? Well, it’s much more powerful than other knife sharpeners like the Presto (recommended above). And unlike the Presto, it can be used on serrated knives. The result: VERY sharp knives. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Works on serrated and non-serrated knives.

• Fast! This sharpener’s powerful motor sharpens knives in a minute or so.

• Very sharp results.

• Excellent for more pricey knives.

• More uniform sharpening than using a stone.

• 100% diamond abrasives.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Takes some practice. If you follow the manual, this sharpener is easy to use. However, there is a bit of learning curve. And you can scratch your knife if don’t follow the directions.

• Only a 15 degree edge. If you want both 15 and 20 degree edges, this isn’t the sharpener for you.

Best Easy-To-Use Sharpener

Razor sharp results
We liked this sharpener for its easy-peasy operation—apply light pressure and slowly pull the knife across one of the three stones. Presto! Sharp knives in just a few minutes.

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Best Easy to Use Sharpener: Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Yes, some knife sharpeners have a learning curve—and that can be intimidating if you just want to quickly sharpen an affordable kitchen knife. If you want something simple that’s easy to use, we’d suggest the Presto 08810.

We found this three-stage sharpener to be a breeze to use and very quick. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Three stages: coarse, medium and extra fine-grit wheels.

• Easy to use. Here’s a quick tip: apply light pressure and slowly pull the knife across the stone.

• Affordable.

• Quick!

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t work well on big or bulky knifes. Yep, those are typically the more expensive knives or fancy chef knives. This sharpener isn’t the best bet in that case. It lacks the power necessary for those knives.

Best Multi-Use Knife Sharpener

Works on serrated edges as well
For occasional use, we like this affordable and easy to use sharpener. And yes, it also sharpens shears and scissors, although this is a manual process. Good performance at a decent price.

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Best Multi-Use Knife Sharpener: Work Sharp E2 Kitchen Sharpener

One common complaint about kitchen knife sharpeners: most can NOT sharpen other objects like scissors, shears or pocket knives. Or even serrated knives.

If you want a more multi-use sharpener, we’d recommend Work Sharp’s E2 sharpener. Very versatile—and yes, it can provide a very sharp edge for your kitchen knives as well.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Good price for the performance.

• Fast.

• Quiet.

• Compact size.

What Needs Work

• Scissor function is manual, not electric.

• Better for occasional use. Why? It doesn’t have the power or speed of the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV reviewed earlier. But if you just need to sharpen your knives a couple of times a year, then this will do!

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