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Looking for party favors? Stuffing for a piñata? These small fillers for plastic eggs are the perfect surprise. We tested out several options before picking these as the best egg fillers!

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Best Squishy Egg Filler

Glittery! Squishy! What more can you want?
We loved these soft, smooth and colorful Mochi squishy characters, each separately packaged. For kiddos aged three and up.

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Best Squishy Egg Filler: ORWINE Squishies 28 pcs Mochi Squishys Toys

Perfectly sized, these squishy party favors fit nicely in eggs. In the sample we tested, we got 28 random animals, all with soft and smooth finishes. What’s not to like? Well, they can get dirty, even though they can be washed with soap (hint: the maker says use baby powder to extend their life). Also: because they are a choking hazard, these toys are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Best Variety Pack Egg Filler

Cars, dinos, keychains, bracelets and more
If you can't decide the best party favor egg filler, this variety pack covers all the bases. And the eggs are pre-stuffed! Who could ask for more?

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Best Variety Pack Egg Filler: 48Piece Basket Stuffers

If you can’t decide what type of egg fillers to use as party favors, it might be best to go with a variety pack. Amandir’s 48 piece basket stuffer comes with pre-filled eggs: keychains, bracelets, dinos, cars and more. The eggs snap together. What’s not to like? Well, the eggs are rather small. And the color of egg corresponds to the type of toy inside—so that gives away some of the surprise!

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Best Finger Puppet Egg Filler

10 mini finger puppets = super fun!
We thought these affordable—and adorable—finger puppets would make the perfect party favor. Loved the soft, textured fur. For ages 12 months and up.

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Best Finger Puppet Egg Filler: Super Z Outlet Velvet Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are the classic egg filler and party favor—fun and affordable. Super Z’s velvet finger puppets are our top choice—the animals are colorful, complete with textured “fur.” A few cautions: the eyes of the puppets can come off, so even though these are listed for kids aged 12 months  and up, you may want make sure younger kiddos don’t put them in their mouths (yes, we know—toddlers!). We’d suggest these puppets would be best for kids age 3 and up. And while these puppets are fun, we noticed they aren’t super durable . . . the stitching can come apart over time.

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Best Toy Egg Filler

12 mini wind-up construction vehicles
These wind up toys were a hit with our testers. Colorful, fun and affordable. One caveat: at 2.2", they won't fit in smaller eggs. You'll need larger eggs to make these work!

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Best Toy Egg Filler: Funcorn Toys Pull Back Cars

We loved these toy construction vehicles—pull them back to wind up and then let them race. And they are affordable. The only caveat: these cars can be too big to hide in smaller egg party favors. You might need the bigger eggs to use these effectively! We loved the bright colors and the price is affordable.

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