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We tried out 11 different dip powder nail kits, judging each on quality, ease of use and durability. We found a vast difference between the kits—here are the ones we think are best.

New to dip powder manicures? They're increasingly popular as an alternative to regular polish, given how easy they are to apply. And dip powder manicures are more durable than regular nail polish with no UV light needed for curing. But most important, they are easier on the wallet. We'll discuss more pros and cons in this article!

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Best Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit

Great for beginners
Loved this easy to use kit, which includes a free gift case. 6 colors includes 1 sparkly silver. Our testers though the results were excellent.

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Best Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit: Modelones Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit

If you are dip powder nail curious, we’d suggest a starter kit. After trying 11 different kits, we think Modelones starter kit is the best bet. We liked the overall quality compared to others we tried.

Here are a few tips and truths about dip nail powder kits we learned from our testing:

• Less odor. Note we didn’t say NO odor, like some nail kits promise! Our testers liken the adhesive base coat smell to that of krazy glue. Yes, that is much less intense than regular nail polish (with toluene in particular), but not exactly odor free.

• You must be precise in your application. Or else you end with powder stuck to other parts of your finger.

• Make each coat thin or the end results may be overly thick nails, which can be annoying.

Why did we pick this particular kit as the best starter kit for newbies? Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to use. This is a great kit for beginners. You get a base, activator and top coat and color powder, plus a dust brush.

• Includes replacement brush.

• Very good quality. 

• Chip resistant. The maker says it is chip resistant for three weeks, but we think that is a stretch based on our testing. Dip powder nails ARE more durable than regular nail polish, but we would say they last more like a week or two longer.

What Needs Work

• Small containers require you to be precise with the brush.

• Odor that smells like glue.

• Takes time to get it right. That’s true for all dip powder nail kits, of course. This set requires nine steps to complete!

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Best Dip Powder Dramatic Nail Kit

Nice idea for a gift
We really liked this kit for that dramatic nail look—shades of pink, purple and red. Easy to use, good quality. Caveat: powder can get everywhere during application!

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Best Dip Powder Nail Kit, Dramatic Reds: Dipping Powder Nail Kit Acrylic Dip Powder 

This four color set is our pick if you’d like to try the dramatic red or pink nail look. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Excellent colors: we liked both the shades of red and pinks.

• Extra fine powder compared to others we tested.

• No formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.

What Needs Work

• Odor bothered some. 

• Powder can get everywhere!

• Still need to file and buff nails. This takes time!

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Best Budget-Friendly Dip Powder Nail Kit

Great for advanced users
This great 6 color set that is easy on the wallet. Easy to use and fast to dry. No formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

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Best Budget-Friendly Dip Nail Kit: GH Dip Powder Nail Kit

If you don’t want to make a huge investment in nail powder, we though GH Dip Powder Nail Kit was easy on the wallet. The 6 included colors are excellent quality and easy to use. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Dries fast.

• Colors are on trend.

• No formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

What’s Needs Work

• Instructions could be clearer. Look for videos online to supplement the instructions.

• Jars aren’t labeled by color.

• Learning curve. Like all dip powder nail kits, there is a learning curve to getting it right.

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Best Dip Powder Nail Set, Multi-Color

Loved the dark colors
If you like nail kits but want to expand your color choice, this is the pack we'd recommend. 10 colors in jars with wider openings than others we tested. Easy to use.
$19.99 ($4.76 / Fl Oz)

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Best Dip Powder Nail Set, Multi-Color: Azure Beauty Dipping Nail Powder Set

The more colors, the better is our philosophy. While most dip powder kits include four or six colors, Azure Beauty’s kit has 10—and won our tests for best multi-color dip powder.

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Easy to use.

• No animal testing.

What’s Needs Work

• No base or top coat included. This kit assumes you already have a starter kit with these supplies.

• Powder jars aren’t labeled with color name.

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