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What are the best dehumidifiers for the home? We surveyed the parent readers of our books (2.1 million strong!) to find what works best in the real world. Then we did another 15 hours of additional research to compare models, features and reliability. Here are the ones we'd recommend!

FYI: We've been reviewing and rating products for the home, parents and families since 1994. We don't take money or freebies from the brands we review—that keeps our work independent! Our reviews are 100% reader-supported . . . so we appreciate you reading this article!

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Best for Bedroom or Garage

Quiet, easy to use and set up
Loved this model for small rooms—removes about 2 gallons of water a day. For garages, we liked the continuous drain mode (caveat: drain hose is not included, however).

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Best for Bedroom or Garage: Frigidaire, White 22-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

Let’s talk dehumidifiers!

We’ve written several articles about dehumidifiers, but this one is an update—that’s because models we earlier recommended are now no longer available. And new ones come on the market that are worthy of consideration.

When we surveyed our parent readers about dehumidifiers, we learned there are two key places folks want to dehumidify: bedrooms/garages and basements. What’s good for one of those places isn’t necessarily right for the other!

For bedrooms (and similarly sized garage spaces), a QUIET dehumidifier is important.

For this use, we’d suggest the Frigidaire model FFAD2233W1.

Now, this model removes about 2.75 gallons of water a day (22 pints)—the tank holds about 2 gallons. That’s perfectly sized for a bedroom or garage (say under 700 square feet).

Here’s why we think this one is best:

What We Liked

• QUIET! According to lab tests we researched, this model runs at about 53 to 57 decibels (depending on the motor speed). That’s the volume of a normal conversation . . . and would work well as white noise in a bedroom without being too loud.

• Continuous drain mode is great for garages, if you have a drain handy (the hose is not included).

• Easy to set up.

• Controls are simple to use.

Affordable! Yes, dehumidifiers can get rather pricey—this one works well and is easy on the wallet.

What Needs Work

• Leaks from back hose cap. We see a few reports that this unit can leak a small amount of water from the back hose cap if loose—make sure it is closed tight!

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Best Portable Dehumidifier

Easy to move from room to room
Excellent dehumidifier with pump that can drain water continuously. We liked the turbo mode, although this is more noisy. Also nice: visible water tank level indicator. Easy to use and set up.

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Best Portable Whole House: hOmeLabs 4500 Square Foot Energy Star Dehumidifier

Do you need to move a dehumidifier from living room to a basement? Which model is robust enough to deal with a damp or musty basement or rec room?

After speaking with HVAC contractors and doing 17 hours of research into different models, we think hOmeLabs 4500 square foot dehumidifier is best.

Good news: this large-capacity dehumidifier combines both performance and value. It removes 50 pints of water from the air per day, lowering the humidity to comfortable levels in a short period of time.

Here’s more on why we recommend this model:

What We Liked

• Easy to set up.

• Drain hose hook up for a 5/8″ garden hose (hose not included).

• Quiet. The soft volume level of this dehumidifier is excellent.

• Visible water tank level indicator at front of unit.

• Turbo mode worked fast, but was definitely louder.

• Continuous mode, timer and fan speed control. Continuous mode may be needed for several days if you are dehumidifying a space for the first time in a season.

• Remembers settings after a power failure.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• If you aren’t using the pump with a drain hose, you may have to empty it more than once day, especially if the humidity is high.

Filter must be cleaned once a month. But this is the case with other portable units we tested.

• Hose draining hit or miss. We didn’t have a problem with this, but we see reports indicating some units still drained into the tank even with a drain hose hook-up.

Best Basement Dehumidifier

Easy to use—and easy on the wallet
Robust model that can dehumidify spaces up to 4000 square feet—we loved the easy to understand controls, auto restart after power failure and timer function. Caveat: a bit noisy.

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Best Basement Dehumidifier: AmazonBasics Dehumidifier

This model is new to our recommendations—and based on reader feedback, we think it is a good choice for basements.

Basement dehumidifiers have to be robust: that’s the room where dehumidifying can be a challenge (especially in places in the Northeast where a high groundwater table can contribute to basement humidify).

This model hits all the right notes: 50 pints per day, auto restart in case the power goes out and there’s even a version that has a pump (that’s helpful if you have a drain in your basement).

Best of all, you get all these features at a price that is easy on the wallet. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Turbo mode runs continuously to dehumidify. That’s helpful when you first get the unit started.

• Available with or without pump. The link in this article is to the model without a pump.

•  Can attach a garden hose to drain the unit.

• Restarts automatically when power goes out.

• Controls are easy to use.

• Quiet.

• Easy to clean the filter.

What Needs Work

• Too loud for some folks, especially on turbo mode. This probably isn’t the best choice for a bedroom (see above for a pick on that), as it can be noisy especially on high fan or turbo mode. If this is going in your basement or laundry room, then the volume is less of an issue!

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Best Dehumidifier With Pump

Reliable workhorse gets the job done
Attach a standard garden hose and this dehumidifier can send water up to 16 feet away . . . to a drain or out a window. Excellent for basements and garage.

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Best Dehumidifier With Pump: Frigidaire High Efficiency 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump, White

Built-in pumps are a great feature for dehumidifiers, especially if you are using it in a basement with a floor drain or garage. With a pump, you don’t have to manually empty the tank . . . the dehumidifier sends the water via a pump to the drain. Super easy to use.

For this pick, we’d suggest Frigidaire’s model FFAP5033W1.

It has the same pros and cons as the Frigidaire model we recommended earlier in this article, but has two main differences: it has a 50-pint per day rating (that’s more than twice the smaller unit) and has the built-in pump. Otherwise, it works much the same!

We think this one is a reliable workhorse at a decent price.

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