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What's the best cordless water flosser? Which one is best for travel? Or just a small bathroom? We asked our parent readers for their favorites. Then we tried out several brands for ourselves. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best For Travel

Good pressure for portable unit
Our favorite flosser for travel, this unit weighs less than a pound and isn't too bulky. Loved the magnetic charger. Caveat: battery life could be better.

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Best For Travel: Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

Let’s talk cordless water flossers.

Also known as oral irrigators, water flossers are a good alternative to dental floss, especially for folks won’t don’t have the dexterity to use string floss or find string flossing uncomfortable. Water flossers are also recommended for cleaning braces, implants, crowns and periodontal pockets around the gums.

Of course, water flossers are significantly more expensive than floss and require periodic cleaning. 

We interviewed three dental hygienists about water flossers and asked about the science—are water flossers better for dental hygiene? Interestingly, there is little scientific literature that compares the effectiveness of string floss and water flossers . . . both apparently do a good job. 

Water flossers come in two basic types: cordless and countertop (corded) models. As you might guess, cordless water flossers are great for travel. They also take up less room on a countertop, helpful if you have a small bathroom.

Countertop models are more powerful and effective at cleaning—it’s hard to get the same effect with most battery-powered cordless models. Countertop models often come with more accessories like different tips.

This article focuses on cordless water flossers. 

There are two basic choices in this category: rechargeable units and replaceable battery models. In our research, our readers were unhappy with models that run on alkaline batteries that you replace—they just lacked the power most folks wanted. And replacing the batteries constantly is a chore.

So we focused this article on rechargeable cordless water flossers.

After asking our readers for their favorites and trying out a few models ourselves, we think the Waterpik Cordless Flosser WP-560 is the best bet for travel. 

This model strikes the right balance between weight, bulk and effectiveness, in our opinion.

What We Liked

• Good pressure, with up to 75 psi.

• Includes travel bag.

• Three pressure settings.

• Battery recharges in about 4 hours, based on our real world tests. The cord connects magnetically to the unit.

• Great for cleaning dental bridges.

• Brand has good reputation for durability.

What Needs Work

• Battery life could be better. The battery lasts for two to three uses. Critics wish it would last longer than that and we agree.

• Less powerful than countertop model. That version has up to 100 psi.

• Reservoir could be easier to remove.

• Pricey.

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Best For Small Bathrooms

Water reservoir is good sized
With a narrow base, this water flosser fits nicely into tight spaces. And it works well, with pressure up to 120 psi. Also nice: memory function remembers which of the four clean modes you last used.

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Best For Small Bathrooms: Water Flosser Cordless Teeth Cleaner

Yes, folks like water flossers for travel. But there is another advantage to these units: they take up much less space than corded countertop models.

If your bathroom is space-challenged, then we recommend the Zerhunt’s Water Flosser; it’s the best bet in this category. 

The base for this unit is more narrow than others we tested for this article—note the Waterpik model mentioned above requires more space, thanks to that magnetic charger.

Here’s more on why we liked the Zerhunt:

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Great for travel.

• USB charging cube and cable included.

• Detachable tank makes it easier to clean.

• Powerful pressure (adjustable 30 to 100 psi).

• Good for deep cleaning.

• Takes about 3.5 to 4.5 hours to charge, in our real world test.

• Memory function for clean modes is nice.

What Needs Work

• Buttons could be better positioned to avoid confusion.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Base has no-slip feature
Even though this model is easy on the wallet, it has good power and a full charge lasts for five hours in our tests. Also nice: includes 4 tips for the whole family. Caveat: must hold down button entire time while using.
$35.97 ($35.97 / Count)

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Best Budget-Friendly: B. Weiss Professional Water Flosser 

If you want to try out a cordless water flosser but don’t want to spend too much in case it isn’t for you, this model by B. Weiss is worth a try. Yes, it is easy on the wallet, but it still has four jet tips (for different members of the family) and even includes a travel bag. 

What We Liked

• Three modes (normal, soft and pulse) are easy to use.

• Includes USB wall charger and cord.

• Base has no-slip feature.

• Weighs just 1.01 lbs.

What Needs Work

• Must hold down button entire time you are using it. We suppose this is to keep it from spraying water when you don’t want it to, but we found this feature annoying.

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