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What are the best cinnamon sticks? We taste-tested 12 different brands of cinnamon sticks to find the best bets. Which are great for hot beverages? The best aroma? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

FYI: We've been reviewing and rating products for the home and families since 1994. To keep things independent, we don't take money or freebies from brands we review! Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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Best Tried & True Brand

Great for Slow Cooking
We loved the fresh aromatic flavor of these cinnamon sticks—excellent overall consistency, although they are somewhat shorter compared to other brands we tested. Great flavor.
$12.13 ($1.52 / Ounce)

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Best Cinnamon Sticks

What are the best cinnamon sticks? We tried out a dozen brands in hot beverages, looking for the best aroma . . . at a price that didn’t break the bank.

We judged cinnamon sticks on best overall taste, scent and consistent quality. 

One tip we learned: soak the sticks in boiling water for a couple minutes to help release the scent. That’s why adding a cinnamon stick to very hot tea will infuse your entire kitchen or office with this wonderful scent.

We also know folks use cinnamon sticks for crafts . . . holiday wreaths, sachets, and more. We found a good suggestion for these folks, where buying a large amount of sticks in bulk is best. 

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Best Cinnamon Sticks Hot Drinks

Wonderful in hot cider
These Kosher sticks were a winner in our taste tests—they performed well in hot beverages. Nice rich aroma and flavor. Each stick is about 3.5" long—perfect for drinks.
$8.29 ($5.53 / Ounce)

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Best Aroma Cinnamon Sticks

Vacuum-sealed pack
If you are looking for the best smelling cinnamon sticks, this is our pick—put these sticks in hot tea, wait a few minutes and you're entire kitchen will be infused with cinnamon. Most impressive . . . and affordable.
$18.99 ($1.06 / Ounce)

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Best Cinnamon Sticks For Crafts

Easy on the wallet
For holiday crafts like wreaths and ornaments, we'd recommend this large 2-pound bag of cinnamon sticks. Sweet, floral scent with 100+ sticks per bag.
$20.49 ($0.64 / Ounce)

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We’ve been rating and reviewing products for the home and families since 1994. We do hands-on testing—we buy the products with our own money and evaluate with an eye toward quality, ease of use and affordability.

Here’s another key point: we don’t take money from the brands we review. No free samples, no sponsors, no “partnerships.” Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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