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Looking for the best cake decorating kit? Want to try cake decorating—but don't know where to start? Cake decorating kits are great for beginners, with dozens of tools and supplies. We tried out 11 of the more popular sets and started baking. Which offered the best bang for the buck? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Cake Decorating Tips

18 tips for icing flowers, shapes
Loved this set, complete with storage case. Two dozen decorating bags, 18 tips and even an offset spatula. Nice!

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Best Cake Decorating Tips: Wilton 46-piece Deluxe Cake Decorating Set

Ready to decorate your first cake? Like all first-time bakers, you may be wondering: where do I start?

A cake decorating set is a good place to begin—these sets aim to cover all the bases: molds, tips, spatulas, smoothers and more. Some even include pans!

We tried out 11 different sets, using the tools to decorate some basic cakes.

If you already have some baking basics like whisks and pans, but lack tools like decorating tips and piping bags, then we’d suggest this set: Wilton’s 46-piece Deluxe Decorating Set. Here’s why:

What We Liked

 24 disposable decorating bags for icing.

• Good variety of tips. Yes, this set has 18 tips—from tiny piping tips to larger filler tips.

• Includes storage case. That’s a nice extra other sets didn’t include.

• Dishwasher safe offset spatula and coupler.

What Needs Work

• No coupler for larger tips? Oddly, this set includes a coupler for the smaller tips—but not the larger ones?

• Piping bags a bit small, in our opinion. We prefer bags that are somewhat bigger.

• A bit pricey for what you get.

• More directions please? Since this set is aimed at novice bakers, it would have been great to see more directions on how to use items like the couplers, what the tips do, etc. Our set lacked this, but perhaps that was an oversight.

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Best Budget-Friendly Set

48 numbered stainless steel piping tips!
For the beginning baker on a budget, this set has the most bang for the buck: tips, tools, cutters . . . and a detailed instruction ebook. Caveat: measuring spoons are in milliliters, not teaspoons.

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Best Budget-Friendly Set: BoYun Cake Decorating Supplies Kit for Beginners

Cake decorating kits are great for novice bakers, but they can get rather pricey. We did find one that is both comprehensive yet easier on the wallet: BoYun’s Cake Decorating Supplies Kit hit the mark in overall quality without busting the budget. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Easy to use. We like how extensive this kit is for the beginner baker: 48 steel piping tips, 30 disposable icing bags, a cake turntable and more.

• Russian piping tips. These tips create more three-dimensional icing decorations, but often are omitted from beginner kits.

• Affordable.

• Storage box. 

• 78-page ebook for beginners. That’s also omitted from other kits—detailed instructions! This kit has that in spades.

What Needs Work

• Missing items? The kit we tried out had all the promised items, but we see a few reports that some folks got kits that were missing some items.

• Measuring spoons are in milliliters. Most recipes in the US use teaspoons, not milliliters!

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Best for Wedding Cakes

Also includes 7 Russian icing tips!
If you'd like to do more advanced decorating projects (like a wedding cake), this set basically covers every base. Pans, tips, icing syringe and more. Excellent for beginners!

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Best for Wedding Cakes: Taiker Cake Decorating Supplies

If you are an ambitious beginner baker but are starting from zero, we’d suggest Taiker’s Cake Decorating Supplies. This kit is comprehensive: 493 pieces! And it includes four pans that would be perfect for a four-tiered wedding cake. This set is basically soup to nuts when it comes to cake decorating tools.

What We Liked

• Just about every tool you’d need. Egg separator? Check! Cake leveler? Check! 100 disposable icing bags? Check!

• Includes springform pans. From 10″ down to a 4″ heart-shaped pan, this set would be perfect for a homemade wedding or anniversary cake.

• 48 numbered icing tips.

• 7 Russian icing tips. These tips create more three-dimensional decorations, but are often omitted from cake decorating tool kits. This kit has seven!

• Excellent for beginners. As someone who’s decorated her fair share of cakes over the years, believe me when I say this set covers all the bases.

What Needs Work

• Pans could be better quality. These pans passed our tests, but they weren’t great for non-stick performance. We’d suggest upgrading to other pans.

• Missing pieces? The kit we tested had all promised pieces (we counted), but see a few reports from others that some kits arrived missing a few pieces.

• Pricey. 

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Best Cake Decorating Set

Wow! 366 pieces, pans to piping bags
Everything needed to decorate your first cake—tools, turntable, molds and more. We loved how complete the set is—yes, even pans and 48 icing tips! Bonus: comes in nice box, great for gift-giving.
$42.99 ($0.08 / Count)

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Best Cake Decorating Set: KOSBON Cake Decorating Supplies 

After all the powdered sugar settled, we pick KOSBON’s Cake Decorating Supplies kit as a top cake decorating set. It clocks in with 366 tools! No, that isn’t a typo.

Here’s why we liked it as the best cake decorating set:

What We Liked

• Boxed set. This set comes in a nice box that would make it a great birthday or shower gift.

• Includes pans! Yes, this set even has three springform pans that are non-stick.

• Excellent for novice bakers with molds, carving pens, piping bags, spatulas, smoothers, whisks and more.

• Good value for everything that is in the box. We’re not sure what this all would cost separately, but just the time it would take to order all the individual times would be a big savings right there.

What Needs Work

• Missing items? The box we ordered had everything that was promised, but we see a few reports of missing items.

• Better packaging. In addition to missing items, we also see reports of broken or bent items. Again, we didn’t see that with our set, but it would be wise to open it up and make sure everything arrived intact before giving this as a gift!

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