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Yes, we actually honeymooned in London. Call us crazy, but we love all things UK . . . including their yummy candy. To research this article, we sampled candy from several British confectionaires (yes, a tough job but somebody had to do it). Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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What makes British candy so wonderful?

One clue: milk.

Cadbury, perhaps the most famous British candy maker, is famous for their “dairy milk chocolate.” Founded in 1824, Cadbury uses more milk than other chocolate makers . . . and that makes their chocolate more distinctive and creamy.

Texture is another part of British candy lore.

Take the Flake bar, which is part of the first recommendation in this article. As the name implies, this candy bar is made of rough layers that flake off as you bite into it—and it is a favorite to crush into ice cream.

If you order these British candy treats, we have one word of advice: be careful if ordering during summer or during warmer weather. These candy boxes contain chocolate . . . and no, they don’t ship packed in dry ice. 

Milk chocolate starts to melt around 87 degrees. So these treats are best to be ordered when the outside temperature is below that threshold!

After sampling our fair share of British candy, here are the ones we’d recommend:

Best For Chocolate Lovers

10 full-size chocolate bars!
We loved the Curly Wurly bar best here, although the creamy chocolate of the Picnic bar is a close second. This is a great gift or treat for the Anglophile in your family.

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Best British Candy Gift Box

Awesome treats—nice presentation
The tote box festooned in British regalia is the star here—plus the 12 full-size chocolate bars. Loved the Wispa Gold and Double Decker bars the best.

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Best Fruit-Flavor British Candy

No actual alcohol, but fun flavors
And now for something different. Yes, these are like gummy bears . . . but with a British twist when it comes to flavors. Our favorite: black currant.
$7.99 ($0.20 / Ounce)

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