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What's the best breakable heart mold? We love breakable chocolate diamond hearts—they're perfect to hide small trinkets or gifts for that special someone. Even better, some chocolate molds bundles also include letter molds (for personalization) and even small wooden mallets to break them open. We tried out 9 different molds in our test kitchen to find the best bets. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Breakable Heart Molds: Tips & Tricks For a Smashing Success

You’ve fallen in love with the idea of those clever smashable diamond hearts—so what is the best way to pull off this clever dessert/gift?

• To give a shine to the chocolate, consider cleaning the mold beforehand with a small amount of vodka or other alcohol. Don’t worry—it doesn’t affect the taste, as it evaporates quickly.

• Tap the mold as you pour the chocolate into the mold. This releases any air bubbles and also smoothes out the chocolate!

• Use a piping bag if the chocolate doesn’t make it all the way to the top of the mold. 

• Remove any excess chocolate as you don’t want the mold to be too thick!

• Place it in your freezer for 12 minutes.

• Consider doing a second layer, taking care to make it a consistent thickness. Use a spoon the smooth it out.

• Clean the sides before putting it back to the freezer.

• It is easiest to remove the silicone mold when it is first removed from the freezer. If you wait, the chocolate begins to warm . . . and can cause it to stick to the mold!

Ok, now that the tips are out of the way, here are the molds we thought worked best when we tried them out in our own kitchen. 

Best Budget-Friendly

Also great for cakes
We loved this simple silicone diamond heart mold—great quality and easy to release your chocolate. The perfect size. If you already have a letter mold and wooden mallet, this will do the trick.

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Best Breakable Heart Mold Bundle

Super easy to use
If you're just starting out, this is the kit we like the best—comes complete with letter mold AND wooden mallets. Easy-to-release silicone molds produce a polished result.

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Best Extra Large Heart Mold

Heart + letter molds
Yes, this heart is nearly 9" wide—bigger than others we tested and most impressive. Easy to use, we were able to quickly release the chocolate in the mold. Also nice: wooden mallets included.

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Best Smashable Heart Mold

Easy on the wallet
We liked this combo mold + mallet. No, there is no letter mold, but we know some folks don't need it. Easy to use, we were able to quickly release chocolate from this mold. Impressive results.

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