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What is the best bladeless ceiling fan? From a distance, these fans look like they don't have any visible blades. That makes a bladeless ceiling fan perfect for a kid's room or a covered patio with a low ceiling. (In reality, these ceiling fans still have blades . . . they're just hidden behind a casing). To find the best bets, we researched 11 different brands, comparing features and quality. We also asked our parent readers for their feedback. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best For Air Flow

Great for a deck or patio
We loved this fan, with its bright LED light and movable wind deflector cover that lets you direct the airflow. 3 fan speeds and 3 light color tones (warm white is very nice).

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Best For Air Flow: Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light

We liked the low profile of this ceiling fan and we judged the air flow from this fan as impressive.

This would make a great fan for a covered porch, where a low ceiling requires a lower profile ceiling fan solution.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Bright light is dimmable.

• Remote control.

• Very good air flow.

• 3 fan speeds.

• 3 light tones: warm white, neutral white or cool white.

• Sleep timer (1-4 hours).

• Hangs just 8.2″ from ceiling.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Install can be a bit tricky.

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Best For Kids Room

Quiet operation
Excellent low profile fan has good airflow and sleep timer. Also nice: bright LED light is dimmable and has 3 color modes. Space-age, modern look.

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Best For Kids Room: Ceiling Fan LED Fan Chandelier

This type of ceiling fan is a great solution for a kids room . . . and this model would work well in that environment. The fan housing hangs down less than 7″ from the ceiling. And since the fan blades are encased in plastic, it is kid-friendly.

We liked the bright light and quiet operation of this fan. The sleep timer (1-4 hours) turns the fan off after a set period, a great feature. 

What We Liked

• Bright LED light has three color tones.

• Good air flow.

• Looks nice.

• Lightweight.

• Quiet operation.

• Dimmable light.

• Hangs down just 6.8″ from ceiling.

What Needs Work

• Too bright for some folks.

• Installation can be a bit tricky.

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Best Farmhouse Look

Light is dimmable
Yes, this fan includes 4 vintage LED edison bulbs that look fantastic—and they create a beautiful pattern of light on the ceiling. The fan works well too, complete with remote control.

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Best Farmhouse Look: Fanimation Studio Collection LP8359BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan

Yes, most bladeless fans have a futuristic or space-age look. But what if you want something more farmhouse or vintage? This model by Fanimation Studio is our suggestion. We liked the aged bronze finish and stylish LED bulbs—these project a very cool pattern on a ceiling.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Remote control with dimmer.

• Fan direction can be reversed.

• Low profile (hangs down just 13″ from ceiling).

• Includes 4.5″downrod for taller ceilings.

• Vintage LED lights create nice pattern on ceiling.

• Cool industrial look.

What Needs Work

• Loud when on highest setting.

• Could be easier to install.

• Need ceiling to be at least 8′ tall for optimal installation.

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Best Budget Friendly

Sleep timer up to 8 hours
Loved this fan as a great solution for rooms with low ceilings. Great airflow and an easy-to-use remote that controls both lights and fan speed. Very nice look.

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Best Budget Friendly: Orillon 22” Thin Modern Ceiling Fan With Light

This bladeless ceiling fan has that same modern, space-age vibe you see in other models—it’s just easier on the wallet. We liked the design construction (metal and plastic) complete with ABS fan blades. 

What We Liked

• Easy to use remote control.

• Low profile (8″) great for rooms with lower ceilings.

• Lightweight.

• Fan provides good airflow.

What Needs Work

• Install can be tricky.

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