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What is the best black garlic? To find out, we tried 11 brands of black garlic (both whole cloves and powder) and made a variety of dishes—whole cloves on pizza slices, powdered black garlic powder sprinkled on popcorn, etc. We then asked garlic enthusiasts to judge the best bets. Here are the winners.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Sweet and mild flavor
Loved this black garlic, which is easy to peel. Naturally cured, this garlic would make an excellent secret ingredient in a marinade. Flavor echoes that of balsamic vinegar.
$12.00 ($1.36 / Ounce)

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Best Budget-Friendly: MW POLAR Whole Black Garlic

What is the best black garlic? 

And what is it anyway?

Available as whole heads of garlic or as a powder, black garlic is made by fermenting heads of garlic for weeks or months.

At the end of this aging process, the heads turn black, hence the name. 

The flavor profile of this unusual garlic is more mellow than fresh garlic—you might notice pronounced molasses flavor notes.

You can use black garlic as you would regular garlic, as long as you realize it doesn’t have the same punch as fresh garlic. We like to add finely chopped black garlic to our favorite mayonnaise for a burst of flavor. 

Whole cloves of black garlic are excellent to add to sauces or to make into a compound butter for steak.

When we review an ingredient like black garlic, we do blind taste tests—but we also look for aroma and value. One black garlic that came out a top favorite in our tests also happens to be one that is also budget-friendly: MW Polar’s Whole Black Garlic.

This one impressed us with a delicious, buttery texture and flavor that was akin to balsamic vinegar.

What We Liked

• Delicious!

• Affordable.

• BPA-free container.

• Imported from China.

• Easy to peel.

• No added sugar.

• Flavor is like balsamic vinegar.

What Needs Work

• Not everyone likes the texture.

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Best Sweet Flavor

Easy to peel
If you are looking for a ready-to-eat garlic snack, this would be our pick—the sweet flavor is impressive. While not everyone liked the texture, we thought it was among the best we tasted.
$11.99 ($1.36 / oz)

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Best Sweet Flavor: Homtiem Black Garlic

We know some folks prefer black garlic that has a sweeter profile. Homtiem’s, imported from Thailand, won over our blind taste testers with its sweet flavor and firm texture (similar to a fig).

What We Liked

 Sweet with mild notes of garlic.

• Great in savory recipes like stews.

• Fig-like texture.

• Fermented for 90 days.

What Needs Work

• Too sweet for some folks.

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Best Powder

Fermented for 90 days
If you are curious about black garlic, this is a good place to start. We liked the blend of seasonings, which has a sweet and smoky flavor. Critics don't like the added salt and sugar.
$13.29 ($0.71 / Ounce)

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Best Powder: McCormick Black Garlic Powder Seasoning

When used in powdered form, it is easier to add to dry rubs and marinades. After trying several powders, McCormick was tops in our taste test.

What We Liked

• Mix of garlic with salt, spices, cocoa powder and other ingredients.

• Sweet/savory blend.

• Great as a seasoning for fish, pasta and chicken.

• Easy-to-use shaker bottle.

What Needs Work

• Too salty for some testers.

• Has too many other ingredients besides the garlic, say critics.

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Best Texture

Made in Canada
The dark, rich flavor of this black garlic contrasts with the texture that is akin to a gummy candy—loved it! Savory and sweet at the same time.

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Best Texture: RioRand Black Garlic

This pricey black garlic had an interesting texture that we judged superior to other brands we tried—basically, it was like a gummy candy. The flavor was that of molasses with garlic undertones . . . very yummy!

What We Liked

• Great for compound butter on steaks.

• Soft texture.

• Sweet profile.

• Very tasty!

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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