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Which is the best balance bike for 1 year old? We tested 11 different balance bikes with babies between 10 months and 18 months to find the top contenders. Judged on safety, quality and durability, we also looked at the fun factor—which ones did our testers love to ride? So, what's the difference between a balance bike for babies (1 year olds) and older toddlers? Balance bikes are pedal-free bikes that teach kids how to balance on two wheels. Baby balance bikes have an extra set of wheels to provide more stability for the youngest riders.

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Best Baby Balance Bike

Quick and easy assembly
We loved the cushioned seat, light weight and no-tools assembly of this bike! Foam wheels mean no flat tires and 6 colors to choose from. But can't change the seat height.

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Best Baby Balance Bike: Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

Let’s talk safety before we discuss the best baby balance bikes. Make sure you follow the age and weight guidelines for balance bikes—some of these picks are recommended for use as young as 10 months, others are 12 months.

Also remember that although balance bike makers say these bikes can be used indoors or outside, we would recommend only outdoor use. Why? When used indoors, a baby on a balance bike can easily run into objects that might tumble over on them. This is why we don’t recommend baby walkers: too many injuries. Any device with wheels must be carefully supervised by an adult at all times—and outside, there is less of a chance of that kind of accident.

After testing several baby balance bikes, we ended up crowning Ancaixin’s baby balance bike as the best of the best. With use from 10 to 24 months and a 50 lb. capacity, this bike had the right combination of fun (cushioned seat) and ease of use (quick assembly). Here’s more:

What We Liked

• No tools assembly that just took a few minutes.

• Lightweight. The foam wheels were durable—closer together in back and wider in front for stability.

• Affordable. Even at this price, the seat was nicely padded, which is missing from other bikes we tested.

• Can personalize with decals.

What Needs Work

• Can’t change the seat height. You can’t adjust the seat for a growing child, so that will limit the time this will be used.

• Doesn’t teach much balance. But that’s true for most baby balance bikes—they aren’t so much teaching balance as they are showing kids how to get used to pushing with their feet and using a handlebar to steer.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Easy to assemble
Our testers loved how fun this bike was! And the price is easier on the wallet. No, the seat or handlebars aren't adjustable. And it fits smaller kids better than bigger ones.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Retrospec Cricket

Our testers loved this bike—and the parents loved the price, which is easier on the wallet than others we researched. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble.

• Lightweight.

• Perfect size for 1 year olds.

• Affordable. 

What Needs Work

• Not adjustable. The seat and handlebar aren’t adjustable—so your baby will quickly outgrow this bike. But that’s a trade-off with the price.

• Too small for bigger babies? This bike is designed for one to two year olds, but some bigger kiddos may find it too small before the 2 year guideline. Bottom line: it’s best for smaller kids.

• Foam handlebars? Earlier versions of this bike had foam-wrapped handlebars. If the foam chipped off, it could be a choking hazard. Good news: the maker switched to rubber-wrapped handlebars in a design update.

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Best Gift Bike

Super cute and fun
Affordable and oh-so-cute balance bike is ready for Instagram. Testers loved the face and eyes that move with the handlebars. But requires a bit more assembly.

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Best Gift Bike: YGJT Baby Balance Bike

This choice struck the right balance between cute (both the bee theme and the Dalmatian version) and affordability. Plus it was fun! Our testers just loved this one.

What We Liked

Affordable. With some balance bikes topping three figures, it is nice that this one is much more reasonable.

• Cute theme. Yes, the eyes move with the handlebar and even blink. Instagram ready!

• Anti-skid EVA foam wheels.  

What Needs Work

• Seat isn’t adjustable. It won’t grow with your child,

• Balance can be tricky. Like all balance bikes, this one requires close parental supervision—kids can tumble over the handlebars if they lean forward too much. That can be tricky for first-time biker users to learn. best balance bike for 1 year old

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Best Baby-to-Toddler Balance Bike

Teaches more balance than others
Loved the adjustable seat, which enables longer use than competition. Easy to assemble and safety features—handlebar doesn't allow tight turns. But seat isn't very padded.

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Best Baby to Toddler Balance Bike: allobebe Baby Balance Bike

Balance bikes for babies are cute, but if the seat doesn’t adjust, they won’t grow with your child—and hence a baby will quickly outgrow it. This choice allows longer use thanks to its adjustability. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Six bright colors. Our testers thought these bikes were fun to ride and parents loved how cute they looked in pics.

• Adjustable seat. 

• Limited turning radius = more safety, as kids can’t turn the bike too tightly, causing a potential spill.

• Easy assembly. 

What Needs Work

• Seat could use more padding.

• Single rear wheel teaches more balance . . . but the trade-off is that kids can more easily fall over. Carefully watch your little one when she first tries out this bike!

• Not for use on streets or in wet conditions. Sidewalk use is fine, but the wheels probably won’t last long on asphalt or other street surfaces. Because this bike requires more balance with the single rear wheel, don’t use it on surfaces that are wet or muddy. best balance bike for 1 year old

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