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Is there anything cuter than a baby in a sun hat? We surveyed our parent readers to find their favorites. Then we did additional research on 9 brands, comparing quality and value. Here are the baby sun hats we'd recommend.

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How To Buy The Best Baby Sun Hat

Let’s talk the best baby sun hats!

Besides looking terribly cute, hats help keep sun off baby’s face, neck and ears—and that’s something pediatricians recommend since babies under six months aren’t old enough yet to wear sunscreen.

Consider these quick tips for finding the best baby sun hat:

• Baby hats come in three basic styles: wide brim, safari-style and bucket hats. Each has its fans—for smaller babies, safari-style hats help keep sun off the back and ears. Older babies do better with wide brim or bucket hats. 

• Look for adjustable sizing with toggles. All the hats in this article were recommended by our readers for their ease of adjustability. 

• How compact does it fold? The best baby sun hats collapse into a small shape for transport.

• Consider throwing an extra hat in your diaper bag for those surprise sunny days. We love having a spare hat around for just such occasions. Later in this article we’ll recommend an affordable two-pack of bucket hats that are perfect for a diaper bag.

After asking our readers for their favorites and doing independent research on our own, here are the baby sun hats we’d recommend.

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Best Wide Brim Hat

Folds up small
Loved this super cute hat that dries quickly with adjustable drawstring with toggle for sizing. 20+ colors and patterns. Caveat: a bit floppy.

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Best Safari-Style Hat

Lightweight and cute
One of our favorite brands, this hat has a longer section to cover the neck and a baseball-hat style brim. Love the adjustability. Caveat: sizing can run small.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Simply adorable!
Love this bucket-style hat with great bang for the buck. Nice quality with 50+ UPF protection and contrasting inside fabric.

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Best Two-Pack

Love the extra wide brim
The adjustable chin strap is the star here—and the wide variety of colors/patterns is impressive. Great for babies who don't like hats.

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