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If you want to fly the flag but need a mount and pole, what are the best options? We purchased and tested out a few different options. Which were best for outdoors? High winds? Made in the USA? Here are the best bets!

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Best Budget-Friendly

Topped with gold ball finial
Everything you need: flag + aluminum spinning pole (and mount) that helps prevent tangling. Good quality flag has embroidered stars. Made in China.

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Best Budget-Friendly American Flag With Pole:  Jetlifee 3×5 Feet American Flag with Pole

This set is easy on the wallet: it includes a regular 1″ wide aluminum pole and aluminum bracket with screws and wall anchors.

What We Liked

The American flag is polyester with embroidered stars—that’s a good sign, as lower quality flags only have printed stars.

The fabric is treated with UV coating to avoid fading.

FYI: Even though this set is made by a veteran-owned company based in California, the flag is made in China.

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Best Made in USA

Sewn stripes and embroidered stars
Very good quality! We loved this made in America flag, which includes mounting bracket and cast aluminium pole topped with gold finial. Impressive quality.

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Best Made in USA: American Flag and Flagpole Set

Yes, most American flags sold today are made in China. If you prefer to buy one made in the USA, we’d recommend Annin Flagmakers Flag and Flagpole Set—an excellent quality flag that is bright and well-made. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Heavyweight 200 denier nylon.

• UV resistant SolarGuard dyes to prevent fading.

• Brass grommets.

• Cast aluminum bracket.

• Gold finial ball.

• Made in Virginia or Ohio (the maker has two factories in the US). For the record, the mounting bracket and pole are made in China; but the flag is made in the USA. The kit is assembled in the USA.

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Best For High Wind

Tangle-free pole design
If you need a flag to stand up to wind and severe weather, this is the one we'd recommend. Made in USA, excellent quality and 2 pole color choices (silver or white).

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Best High Wind America Flag With Pole: Grace Alley Flag Pole Kit

When we separately reviewed American flags, one of the best quality flags we found in our testing was made by Grace Alley.

If you live in an area with high winds (we are looking at you, Florida), we’d strongly suggest a more robust flag. This one is made of what the maker calls Durawavez nylon—basically a heavier weight fabric that stands up better to wind.

Grace Alley finishes the flag with a polyester header and four-point needle fly hem. Translation: this one can take the weather.

And, yes, the flag is made in the USA. (The pole and mount are imported from China, however).

What We Liked

• Embroidered stars and stitched stripes. Unlike less expensive flags made of lightweight polyester, this flag is more substantial.

• Looks fantastic.

• 2 brass grommets.

• Great for outdoor use in windy areas.

• Tangle-free design of the pole lets the flag spin in winds.

What Needs Work

• Can fray on ends after extended period of time. We didn’t have this issue in our testing, but we see reports from others that this can happen. We suppose it depends on the amount of wind you get—unfortunately, no flag can last forever!

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