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What is the best American flag headband? Great for parties or celebrations, these red, white and blue headbands run the gamut: cotton/spandex, floral wreath, sports bands and more. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best American Flag Headband Stars/Stripes

Comfortable cotton/spandex like material
Super cute headband has a half with blue stars and red/white stripes on the other. Affordable, but not very stretchy. Several flag designs are alternatives.
$4.99 ($4.99 / Count)

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Best American Flag Headband Stars/Stripes: Shimmer Anna Shine Red White and Blue Patriotic American Flag Headband

We liked this cute headband that has half blue stars and half red/white stripes. Made from a cotton/spandex like material, it isn’t very stretchy. The same maker has several different styles that have brighter reds than this headband, but we thought it was a good buy. The width is 3″.

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Best American Flag Headband For Sports

Lightweight and comfortable
Bright red, white and blue headband has a dash of spandex for flexibility. We liked how it was quick drying, but it has to be hand-washed. And it is rather large, so it may be too loose for some folks.

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Best American Flag Headband For Sports: Mens Headband Sports Running Sweat Head Bands

This classic American flag headband is made of polyester with a dash of spandex (5%). Non-tangling fabric is hand wash only. We thought it was lightweight and comfortable—quick drying. It’s rather large, so it may be too loose on many people. Loved the overall look: bright red/white stripes and blue star field.

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Best Thicker American Flag Headband

Great for sports, outdoors
We liked this more substantial headband—looks great while keeping sweat out of your eyes. Stretchy with a silicone grip strip. Thick but still lightweight.

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Best Thicker American Flag Headband: Monkey Movement Sports Headbands for Men & Women

If you are looking for a thicker headband, we suggest this one: Monkey Movement Sports American flag headband.

Even though the fabric is thicker than other headbands we tried, it is still lightweight and looks sharp. It can be machine or hand washed. Very stretchy with a silicone strip.

As for size, some larger folks told us this headband was a bit tight.

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