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What's the best AirTags case? We scoured the offerings from several case makers to find the best bets: the best leather case, the best silicone option and more. Here are the ones we'd recommend. (As you might guess, these cases do not include an AirTag!).

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Finding The Best AirTags case—Our Picks!

AirTags are the latest in a series of device tracking gadgets—and we love them!

Of course, they have one major drawback: when you buy an AirTag to track your keys, you get an AirTag . . . but nothing to attach them to your keys.

To the rescue come these AirTags cases. We spent several days scouring through all the options out there—from silicone cases to leather, rugged options to “vaults” that encase the entire Airtag.

After looking at several options and asking our tech enthusiasts for their feedback, we decided to eliminate AirTag cases that weren’t open on both sides. That’s because the device needs to connect to Bluetooth and cell networks to track it . . . and having a case closed on one side could interfere with this process.

So here are our picks for the best AirTag cases. As always, we value your feedback. We’ll update this article when we get more real world experiences with these tags, as they find their way into the wild!

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Best Tried & True Brand

Textured design is impressive
We love this brand's durable and rugged cases for phones—they bring that same quality to an Airtags case, which can be used with or without the included carabiner.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Easy to use
The silicone material of these cases is soft to the touch—and if you need to protect more than one Airtag, this six-pack is easy on the wallet.

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Best Leather Airtags Case

Soft to the touch
Unlike other "leather" cases we sampled that are actually polyurethane, this one is the real deal. Our readers like this brand's tablet cases and you'll note the same design aesthetic with their Airtag cases.

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Best Premium Airtags Case

Pricey, but great brand track record
This brand is known for its excellent smartphone cases and their Airtags case doesn't disappoint—we liked the durable pleather material and tight construction.

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