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What's the best accent chair? We surveyed the readers of our parenting books (2 million strong!) to find their favorites. We then did 11 more hours of research, whittling down the best brands by value, retro looks and options with an ottoman. Here are the ones we'd recommend!

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Best Budget-Friendly

Wide seat width
Loved the script pattern over cream fabric on this chair—easy to assemble and quite comfortable. Exposed wood legs give it an expensive look. Neutral design is a winner.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Roundhill Furniture Botticelli English

When we searched for accent chairs, value was a key consideration. After all, it’s easy to spend hundreds on an accent chair. The trick is to get a comfortable, good quality chair at a price that is much easier on the wallet.

For the best budget-friendly accent chair, we think Roundhill Furniture’s Botticelli English chair has the best bang for the buck. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble. We put this chair together in 15 minutes.

• Super comfortable. We thought the amount of cushioning was good.

• Nice neutral look with exposed wood legs.

• Affordable.

• Great for desks, although it doesn’t have arms.

• Wide width (23.25″) is also a plus.

What Needs Work

• Too short for taller folks? We thought the seat height (18.75″) worked well, but we realize some taller folks may think this chair is too short.

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Best Tufted Retro Look

Great for a living room
It looks expensive . . . but no one has to know how much you actually spent on this retro, mid-century modern chair with tufted cushions. Caveat: a bit more difficult to assemble than others.

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Best Tufted Retro Look: Baxton Studio Sorrento Mid-Century Retro Modern Fabric Upholstered Wooden Lounge Chair

For those fans of mid-century modern, we thought this tufted chair from Baxton Studio (the Sorrento) was an excellent choice—the dark walnut stain gives it a rich look, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Note the splayed legs—that’s a design you typically see on more pricey chairs.

What We Liked


• Removable cushions.

• Tufted cushions with piping at this price? Quite a nice value. This chair looks expensive.

What Needs Work

• The arms could be higher. 

• Assembly more difficult than the Roundhill Furniture chair we recommend above.

• Tufted back = not as comfortable as other chairs. That’s the trade-off for that retro tufted look—the back isn’t as comfortable as a chair with a non-tufted back.

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Best Rounded Back Chair

Sleek look at a good price
This would make for a great desk chair—arms are comfortable and curved back cushion is nice. Caveat: sits higher than other chairs, so maybe not the best choice for shorter folks.

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Best Rounded Back Chair: Armen Living Summer Chair in Charcoal fabric and Walnut Wood

We know there are fans of rounded-back chairs out there—many folks find them more comfortable than straight backs, and we have to agree. If you want to go this route, we’d recommend Armen Living Summer Chair.

What We Liked

• Cushioned backrest is nice.

• Tapered legs.

• Walnut veneer gives it an expensive look.

• Easy to assemble.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• May need to re-tighten the hardware from time to time.

• Too tall for shorter folks? Yes, this chair has a seat height of 24″. Measure a chair you like first to see if that height is too tall for your tastes. FYI: Other seats in this article have seat heights that range from 18.75″ to 22.75″.

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